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Jan 20, 2008 08:43 AM

Colombian cheese

Recently picked up some "Colombian cheese" at a local supermarket with an emphasis on international products (Fresh Supreme, Philadelphia, PA--large immigrant population locally). Husband shredded some for a casserole and it did not melt--it kind of shriveled. The label is now lost, but vinegar was listed as an ingredient, it was pasteurized, and I'm pretty sure it's a cow's milk cheese. I'm just gnawing on a piece now. The texture's a bit more rubbery than an aged cheddar, and it's mild and not at all salty.

Has anyone else met the mysterious Colombian cheese? and any interesting suggestions on what to do with it?

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  1. a description of hispanic cheeses

    This sounds like a typical 'fresh cheese' from Latin America. One use that comes to mind is a 'cheese sandwich' that I've seen served at a (working class) wedding reception in Ecuador - just thick slabs of this sort of cheese in small dinner rolls.

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      Thanks, paulj!
      This site is helpful--the queso blanco that doesn't melt sounds most like it. Interesting....

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        It may indeed be a cheese suitable to frying

      2. i have had it u fry it in a pan w butter very good actually when its cooked not so good before hand.... it kind of looks like and egg white while frying

        1. Delicious with Arepas - venezuelan / colombian cornmeal version of a gordita.