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Jul 29, 2001 07:22 AM

Places where you can lay down while you eat?

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Anyone know of this in the Los Angeles Area?

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  1. Marakesh (Moroccan cuisine) -- various locations around the city as they are chain. You must reserve one of the special rooms where there are cushions instead of chairs. I prefer the one in Costa Mesa...

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      Might want to check out the Pig N Whistle on Hollywood Blvd. They have big beds to eat and drink on, but it's pricey. I haven't been there myself so I can't vouch for the food or decor, but seen this place mentioned in several local magazines.

      1. re: Jennifer W.

        I may have mentioned this before, but the food is HORRIBLE at the Pig & Whistle. But, yes, they do have beds in the back room, if that's what you're looking for. Ever since B.E.D. in Miami, those beds seem to be popping up everywhere! There's beds in the back at the Abbey, too, if you're a boy (or a man!)who likes boys (or men!) but they're "reserved." And I'm sure more beds are sprouting elsewhere... You can get very loungy at Dar Meghreb (in a Moroccan way) or Sushi on Sunset (upstairs, in a very dark late 70's early 80's trashy/sexy kind of way) with their low sofas. But again, the sushi isn't that great. Guess you have to sit up to eat well outside of your own home!

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          I have seen pictures of the ancient Greeks and Romans dinin' while reclinin' and it looks artful but uncomfortable, though that may also be because the people involved are on the side of a vase. Possible hazards that come to mind include poor digestion due to improper body position, stiff neck from keeping your head upright to quaff wine, and having the arm you're leaning on go to sleep so that you slowly and majestically topple onto your face. (Item three being more likely if you have been enthusiastic about quaffing the wine in item two.) What is the attraction of dining in this mannner, I am prone to ask? I have thought of the following:

          1. Less likely to drop food in your lap.
          2. If you don't like the food you can feed it to the dog without bending over unless your host owns a chihhuahua.
          3. If other guests are boring then you can go sleep and nobody will notice unless you snore.

          While these are obviously desirable factors, there may be others of which I am not aware. Has anybody on the Board had experience in this regard?

    2. Dar Magrebs on Sunset and Stanley in Hollywood and Babousch in San Pedro on Gaffey.

      Two Moroccan restaurants.