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Jan 20, 2008 08:39 AM

Some recent downtown TO recommendations

Had dinner at Colborne Lane last night. Gorgeous restaurants, service was very good and the food was worthy of the hype. Strongly recommend, though a bit pricey.

Had some other good meals recently:

Jacobs & Co. - very expensive but the steak, ambience and service were all very good.
Blowfish - had a great night there. Food was very good but the service was exceptional.
Sassafraz - just whatever...

Want to try some of the following. Any tips?

Trevor Kitchen

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  1. I've been to Trevor a few times and go there despite the ambience because I like the food. The room is loud for such a small space and they keep the music loud enough that people tend to shout at one another over top of it. My advice is to go on a Tuesday when they tend not to be too busy and the noise levels are low.

    I went when they first opened and the food was good but, to my taste, not good enough for the price. I didn't go again until Jesse Vallins (former sous chef at beerbistro) had been elevated to chef de cuisine. I tend to like Jesse's concoctions so I decided to give Trevor another try and I'm glad I did. It could just be a matter of my tastes matching Jesse's more than they match Trevor W's, but I like the food much more now. (Note - I'm a 'hound but not a sophisticated foodie. As the cliche goes, I just know what I like.)

    I went a week or so ago for the 8 course tasting menu and it was lovely. One of the outstanding dishes was a sweet/savoury creme brule with a strong cheese in it. Hard to describe and it didn't sound appealing but it was phenomenal in the mouth. Another standout was a fish course, which means something because I'm not a big fish eater. This was Ontario pickerel with a couple small chunks of thick bacon on top of the crispy skin. It was served with a vegetable/bacon mixture and a little rosti potato. I rarely rave about a fish course, this was amazing. The fish was firm and fresh and the accompaniments really worked with it. Most of the wine pairings worked well, though I didn't find any of them outstanding and would probably just order a glass or two of something I know next time.

    From the regular menu, I recommend the ahi tuna tartar (with orange), the "pork and beans" (with suckling pig and chorizo) and the quince turnover. Hmm, too bad they're closed Sundays. I've just made myself hungry!

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      Boulevard Cafe - Went to Boulevard on Harbord tonight. They were celebrating Earthhour tonight so the ambience was nice.

      We tried a bunch of dishes - pork tenderloin, crab croquettes, seafood platter. Everyone really enjoyed the food - so flavourful and good portion, a nice change from the stereotypical Toronto restaurant.

      Boulevard receives my strong recommendation

      1. re: jimmyjames1

        Sorry, but Boulevard Cafe is simply not in the same league as the restos mentioned by the OP. Their food is inconsistent at best and shows little creativity. Even the incredibly mediocre Sassafraz is better.