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Jul 29, 2001 07:21 AM

Places with BBQ in each table?

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Anyone know of a restaurant type like this around San Gabriel Valley/Los Angeles? Sometimes referred to as Korean BBQ. Thanks

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  1. These are extremely common in Koreatown, and wherever Koreans are found. Try The Corner Place or Sa Rit Gol. The former is

    The Corner Place
    2819 James M. Woods Boulevard (a block east of Vermont)
    Los Angeles
    (213) 487-0968

    and see link to map below

    The latter is

    Sa Rit Gol
    3189 West Olympic Boulevard (at Serrano)
    Los Angeles
    (213) 387-0909

    Both serve very good meats for barbecuing at your table. The selection of panchans at Sa Rit Gol is vastly superior to that of any other restaurant in Los Angeles.


    1. Soot Bull Jeep on 8th St is a favorite for many a meat-eater. There's a natural charcoal bbq at each table (as opposed to gas.) The whole restaurant is filled with smoke -- like being at a campfire!

      1. While Monterey Park is best known for its fabulous Chinese food, there is a hidden gem of a Korean BBQ restaurant called Peet Wood on Garvey Ave. just west of New Ave in the Monterey Park Plaza strip mall. Not much to look at as far as decor but like Soot Bull Jeep, they use wood chips instead of gas. A wonderful Korean couple run the place and are incredibly nice.

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          I completely agree. For those in the San Gabriel Valley, Pete Wood is a more than sufficient substitute to the drive out to Koreatown.

          Their Dong Chim Noodles are great. And their use of actual coals, instead of just a gas burner, imparts great flavor on the meat.

          Fabulous place.

        2. Soot Bull Jeep on 8th in Koreatown (smokey and cheap), Woo Lae Oak if you want to spring for the big bucks and a beautiful room (Western & 6th), Wilshire BBQ House in between the two (Wilshire & Wilton) -- but they insist you have TWO people order the BBQ or they won't turn it on. If you are ordering beef at the WIlshire BBQ House, the short ribs and marinated beef(first two items on the menu) are yummy. They have another beef dish further down the menu that was bland and disappointing.