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Jul 28, 2001 10:55 PM

Taste of Philly (S.M.) where did it go? I need a cheese steak!

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Please help. I'm suffering withdrwal.

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  1. philadelphia connection on arroyo parkway in pasadena. import meat, bread cheese, tasty kakes, herr chips, hanks, birch beer and goldbergs candy bars.

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    1. re: richeyw

      For great cheesesteaks, try Papa Jake's in Manhattan Beach and Beverly Hills.

      1. re: Norm

        I checked out Papa Jakes the other week in Manhattan after reading some rave reviews about it, but I really wasn't that impressed. They weren't quite as greasy/messy as I liked, there was only one variety (beef, green peppers, and your choice of cheese). I like places that you can choose what you want in your cheestake. I had a really good a while back at some beach food festival in hermosa beach, which was pretty damn messy, greasy, and flavorfull. I dunno if it was an isolated incident, but the cheestake I got at Papa Jakes was pretty wimpy.

        1. re: Belafkih

          Not greasy or messy enough--there's a new line of criticism on this board!

          I've had some pretty good cheese steaks at John's Philly Grille, 20379 Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach. I don't know how authentic they are--never been to Philadelphia myself--but they tasted good to me.

          1. re: john q.

            John's has a place on Edinger at Golden West, in the Home Expo center, too. They are, in fact, from Philly, or so they said when I asked. Their subs are the best we've found in the HB area, although JJ's, on Magnolia and (I think) Talbert in Fountain Valley are also very good.