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Jan 20, 2008 07:52 AM

Saratoga Springs for Easter?

Hello all!
My daughter is in her first year at Skimore, and loving Saratoga Springs. As she doesn't have Good Friday off from classes, we are planning to go to Saratoga for Easter weekend. We know there are great places to eat at every turn in Saratoga - but also know that places which are wonderful any other day can be horrible on a holiday. Anyone have any experience or suggestions for Easter brunch/lunch in Saratoga? Thanks to all!

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  1. Anyone with any thoughts? I know it's early to be thinking about Easter - but we may have some extended family to include (and please) so I'm trying to get a list of places now. Thanks again!

    1. Check out Sargo at the Saratoga National Golf Course

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        Thanks - checked their website - looks great - but says they don't reopen until April - will have to try it when we're up there in the summer.

      2. I have always had good experiences at Chez Sophie, even since they moved into the Saratogian Hotel (I think that’s what it’s called.) I believe they often do a buffet or fixed price meal for holidays – don’t know if that would appeal or not. If you look at their website,, you can see a ample menu and read their rather charming newsletter (under news

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          Chez Sophie was my first thought - but have read mixed reviews here. Good to hear you like it. I'm keeping an eye on their website for news of their plans for Easter. Thanks!

        2. Boy, that's a tough call. Easter, Thanksgiving, and Mothers Day are the tsunami for all restaurants. I guess I would go with the tried and true Saratoga restaurants who have been well documented on this blog. Sophies, maybe the Wishing Well up Route 9 North, Chiantis, Hatties, Cliffs Country Inn (for the carnivores), etc, etc. I think you probably have to do what one of the earlier posters suggested, troll the web sites. Lot's of luck on this one.

          1. It may not be ultra-hip, but I have always had a very good meal at Olde Bryan Inn