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Jan 20, 2008 07:35 AM

Lime Nashville?

Anyone been to Lime in Nashville

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  1. Went last weekend with a few friends and I would have to say that I'm not totally wowed, but I think it definitely has potential. They seem to still be working out some kinks in the kitchen and aren't yet serving everything that is on the menu. We wanted to start off with a trio of ceviches because they all looked so intriguing, but when the waitress arrived to take our order she informed us that they actually only had 2 ceviches that evening, and neither of them were ones that we had chosen. So instead we ordered a trio of dips- queso w/ chorizo (yum), salsa and guac. We also ordered off the tapas menu- chose 3- bbq chicken (pretty good), empanadas (ok) and some kind of grilled shrimp skewer that was very tasty.
    For dinner I chose the pork w black beans, rice and plantains. The pork was great, but the plantains were gross. I love plantains, especially when I've had them in several Cuban restaurants and they are served in a sort of caramelized fashion. The menu didn't state how they were prepared, so I was so disappointed when they arrived and they were deep fried. I gave them a try, but they really had no eating a ball of fried sponge.
    I can't remember what everyone else chose as an entree, but I do know someone had the paella and they really enjoyed it.

    I will say that the drink menu is OUTSTANDING. I love that they have true mixologists at the bar...all the ingredients are totally fresh, no mixes. It might take a few extra minutes to prepare, but it is totally worth it!

    I'll definitely go back in a few weeks and try some other things on the menu and report back again!

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      Great info.....and yes, please post the results from your next visit. I'm planning to check it out in a few weeks as well. Paella is one of my favorites so glad to hear they do a good job with it.