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Jul 28, 2001 12:28 PM

Pantages theater restaraunts

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Can anyone recommend a good restaraunt for 4 adults near the Pantages theater?

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  1. Off Vine
    6263 Leland Way, Hollywood

    small place, do make a reservation and do order “Off Vine Souffles" in Grand Marnier or Chocolate.


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    1. re: Muhlyssa

      I should point out that, while certainly worthy, none of the places mentioned above are within easy walking distance of the Pantages, and they're all pretty upscale.

      So if you only want to pay for parking once and want to hold onto some of the money you have left after buying Lion King tickets, there are some fast-food joints in the immediate proximity (a Los Burritos right next door, but not a place for a party of four to sit down); an adequate Chinese retaurant around the corner and half a block North on Vine Street; and probably a place or two I've forgotten across Hollywood Boulevard from the Pantages.

      A Hollywood & Vine restaurant was announced to open in September (last September, that is), and shows no sign of imminent life. Too bad; the location has possibilities.

      Maybe you could give us a better idea of what you're looking for?

      1. re: TE

        OK, I was being lazy and forgetful on the above post. The Chinese restaurant is called Sun Palace, and the number is 465-7181 (all numbers are 323 area code).

        About a block further up Vine, at Yucca, is Chao Praya (466-6704), which at least used to be a pretty good Thai restaurant, and probably still is. Across Hollywood boulevard from the Pantages is a Subway (probably not what you had in mind), and a place called El Incendo, which looks to be mid-to-upscale restaurant. There's no number in the phone book I have; maybe another Chowhound knows if they're even open.

        Don't know why I neglected to look right around the corner, more-or-less, from where I live: the very short block between Bronson and Tamarind on Franklin is a veritable stack o' independent restaurants, sometimes, you can even find street parking: La Poubelle (465-0807); Tai Yo (don't have the number); Prizzi's (pizza, I'd guess) (no number); and Wings (chicken is my supposition) (again, no number -- blame Pacific Bell's so-called "smart" Yellow Pages).

        Around the corner, on Tamarind, is Victor's, sort of an upscale coffee shop, and its adjacent delicatessen. There's no seating at the deli, but a parking lot for both. Try 464-0275, wehich seems to be the deli but they'd have the number for the restaurant. Incidentally, there's a "For sale" sign on the property, which is a real tragedy.

        1. re: TE

          Feel like I'm shouting into a hurricane here.

          It's not "Wings," it's "Birds Rotisserie Chicken Café and Bar," at 465-0175. Apologies to the "smart" yellow pages, though the other restaurants still aren't there.

          The Franklin-area restaurants aren't within walking distance (unless you're a New Yorker, maybe!); those on Vine and Hollywood Blvd. are.

          1. re: TE

            It's Ex Incendo - and it is a fabulous restaurant.

      2. Someone just asked me the same question.  Here is my list.  The first two are highly recommended.

        1155 N. Highland Ave.
            (n of Santa Monica)

        The House
        5750 Melrose Ave.
            (SW corner of Lucerne; 2 blks. e. Vine)

        Café des Artistes
        1534 N. McCadden Place
            (½ blk n. Sunset)

        Off Vine
        6263 Lealand Way
            (east of Vine; 1 block south of Sunset)

        Pinot Hollywood
        1448 N. Gower St.
            (@ Sunset)

        1. PRIZZI'S PIAZZA on Franklin has excellent italian food. Their Garlic Bread Sticks are amazing (The pizza and Pasta are top notch - and they also have one of the best burgers in town, go figure!) Next door to Prizzi's (as mentioned below) is BIRDS, which is very casual, with great rotisserie chicken, wraps and the like. There is of course always MUSSO & FRANKS, which is both walking distance or one subway stop from the Pantages. And the italian place right across from The Pantages (I dont know the name) also has good, solid fare.

          1. I just went there last week. (Great show, by the way). I took the outing to Hollywood as an opportunity to go to my favorite Thai restaurant in LA. Palms Thai (you can check their website - see below). It's a mile or so east from the Pantages on Hollywood Blvd near Normandie, I think. If you're lucky, you may even catch the first set of the 'Thai Elvis' who performs there most every night. This is a must for any Angeleno. Only problem is, he just went away for a while to Thailand. Good news is, they've temporarily replaced him with another Elvis, this one's Lebanese! I, personally, can't wait to go see this.