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Jan 20, 2008 06:27 AM

Molassas Popcorn Balls

Fond memories of my grandmother involve making these popcorn balls when I was young. I have googled it to death, but can not find a recipe that sounds like the one she used to make. I know it involved melting sugar, corn syrup and molassas on the stove and bringing it to a 'soft ball' stage - we used to pour a bit into a glass of cold water to make sure it was at the right point. Then the hot gooey mass got poured over fresh made popcorn in large bowls. Butter up the hands, and start forming balls. Does anyone have a similar recipe? Appreciate any input, Thanks

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  1. I just read a recipe very much along those lines in the new book "The prairie girl's guide to life : how to sew a sampler quilt & 49 other pioneer projects for the modern girl" by Jennifer Worick.