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Jul 28, 2001 12:02 PM

restaurant recommendation in Naples/Long Beach?

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A group of us will be going on the gondolas in Naples/Long Beach soon and we are interested in going to a restaurant afterwards in the same general area. Any suggestions for a nice, not too pricey restaurant (but not too casual, either)? We like good food!

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  1. We discovered a lovely little Bavarian restaurant in that area. Very small, seemed authentic called Anneliese's Bavarian Inn at
    5730 E. 2nd St.
    Naples, Long Beach

    There is a review of it at the link below. German food that was delicious, with very friendly service.

    I especially enjoyed the red cabbage, it was the best I've had to date.

    KnollĀ’s Black Forest in Santa Monica is probably more well-known for German food, we went there for Valentines Day dinner and were not impressed. I'd go back to Annelieses because the food and service is better and it's less expensive.

    I also like Sushi Naples in the same area.


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      I've been to Sushi of Naples in Pasadena many times. It's probably the best in Pasadena. I was confused by the name until I saw the original place in Long Beach. I admit I've never been to that particular one, but if it's anything like the one in Pasadena, then I totally recommend it as well!

    2. I'm sorry I don't remember the exact address, but at the very end of Naples (away from Belmont Shore) is Pasta Al Dante. I always tell people to look for the white Christmas lights that decorate its exterior.

      I have hosted many business dinners there as well as intimate, romantic dinners and have never been disappointed.

      It is upscale Cal/Italian cuisine. I always order several appetizers -- a caramelized onion-topped brie with bread and basil, goat-cheese, sundried tomato rolls. I especially recommend their lamb courses but my S.O. always orders their pasta which is quite varied. I seem to recall a lovely risotto dish, too, with mushrooms, asparagus, and seafood.

      Nice wine list, too!

      1. If downtown is in the cards and you happen to be in the mood for THE best fried catfish in LA, head over to Uncle Al's seafood at First and Elm (400 E. 1st). OK, it's pretty casual, but the prices are very good (about $7 for dinner) and there's a couple of fun places to hang afterward (Blue Cafe, Pine Ave) right nearby. Sometimes, Al even gets a friend to sing or play sax for your dining pleasure. that Uncle Al is one cool, phat kat ; ) BTW, this corner in downtown LB also happens to be featured in Lethal Weapon 4, when the gas truck explodes. I was there to watch the whole bloody mess.


        1. In Naples there's Kelly's, a traditional steak house right out of the 50's-60's. Brogino's for Italian. Naples Ribs for BBQ - sawdust on the floor, very casual. A little further west on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore there are loads of places, many of which may be too casual for the evening you've described. Try Shenandoah, which bills itself as an "American" restaurant, but at which I've had some very good and definitely not tradtitionally "American" (whatever that means) seafood preparations (e.g., swordfish with unsual salsas).