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Jan 20, 2008 06:05 AM

TIME SENSITIVE--Best Dosas--Chendi Chot(???)

I live in Silver Spring. My brother in law works with some Indian doctors in Baltimore who have told him that the best dosas in the area are near me in an Indian shopping center called something that sounds like "Chendi Chot" (Shendi Chot?, Cheddi chot??). They could not recall the name of the actual restaurant and brother in law did not know the spelling of the shopping center. It could be in Silver Spring, it could be in Rockville, it could be in Langley Park (my personal guess). Brother in law is desperate to try said dosas and I have promised to make it happen--TONIGHT.

I know of a few places that serve dosas but I am not sure which one he is talking about. Based on previous reviews, it does not sound like they are referring to Udupi Palace (people do not seem to like their dosas). It could be Woodlands but again, I really am uncertain. Is anyone familiar with this shopping center, or know which restaurant it could be?

Help greatly appreciated!

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  1. Well, no thanks to an hounds, I sleuthed out that the restaurant was indeed Woodlands. The dosas are very good and may indeed be the best in the area but IMHO, pale in comparison with those of Jackson Diner of Queens. The curries were also tasty and flavorful but mild. In all, we enjoyed our meal. If you like Indian food and are not put off by a full vegetarian meal, I stand by my previous opinion that Woodlands is a very good choice. If you must have meat, do yourself a favor and go to Bombay in the White Oak shopping center.

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      Out of curiosity, what was the actual name of the plaza by which we were supposed to have identified Woodlands, and how did you confirm that it was in fact Woodlands?

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        Jackson Diner was my introduction to Indian food and for a long time after leaving NYC, I couldn't stop using it as a benchmark (particularly bangain bhurta, roasted eggplant), inevitably flunking every Indian restaurant I patronized. Eventually, I learned to take a Zen attitude towards the Indian food on my plate -- also found good cuisine at Minerva and Udupi. I still have to try Woodlands, Tiffin, Rasika, and now Bombay.

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          Being a mostly-vegetarian, I love Woodlands and Udupi Palace, and think they're both excellent. I'd also recommend many things at Indique in Cleveland Park, including their baigan bartha and their papri chatt, which are both fantastic.

          Tried rasika last night. We had: something like papri chaat (can't remember the name -- essentially rice crackers with dal, raita, tamarind and coriander chutneys -- excellent; another app consisting of a potato pancake surrounded by toor dal with some chutneys on top -- good, though less happening than in the other app and all the same soft texture with no balancing crunch; alu palak something curry (mostly spinach and potatoes) -- delicious, and especially interesting that the potatoes weren't merely chunks but light, fluffy balls, kind of like kofta; and baigan barta, which, while good, is better elsewhere (including woodlands and udupi).

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            "Out of curiosity, what was the actual name of the plaza by which we were supposed to have identified Woodlands, and how did you confirm that it was in fact Woodlands?"

            I knew in two ways.
            1. Brother in law told me that the shopping center was referred to by something that sounded like chendi chot. It turned out to be Chanadai Chowk. The store next to Woodlands is a clothing and accessory store with the phrase "chandai chowk" above it its name. I found that by googling indian shopping centers in Maryland, I finally found a picture that had that store and its location. I was able to google map it and recall that the store was next door to Woodlands.
            2. Brother in law called the doctor who said, oh yeah the name of the restaurant is Woodlands.

            The phrase "chanadai chowk"--which I am still misspelling is actually a famous shopping plaza in India.