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Jan 20, 2008 05:15 AM

I'm in "Surf" heaven, Nashua NH

Finally made it to Surf, been on my top list for a while now. Where do I start, I loved this place. Service was awesome, very attentive - perfect in fact. Pam knew when to come back to check us but not too often, our raw bar order was a bit delayed but she explained right at the time that we started wondering. She could explain all the details of the oysters being served that night (I'm sure that's a must here but I was impressed). She was very pleasant. Water glasses stayed full. I had a couple fantastic margarita's (rocks w/ salt).

Food - wow!!! I've been craving oysters since the Wellfleet Festival in Oct. so we got a few from Virginia, a few from California (small but very tasty), a few from RI (our favorites) and a few clams (very nice texture, not chewy, sometimes clams can be too meaty for me). I wish I could remember the names, I really would love to become an oyster connoisseur. We each got a wonderful salad: Hubby's was the parm battered calamari with hearts of palm, fresh baby greens in a lite vinegarette, (slightly sweet). It was sooo good, that I'm ordering the calamari next time - they were just done perfect, nice flavor, lightly battered, nothing hiding that wonderful calamar flavor. Mine was even better: seared shrimp on a bed of spinich with peanuts in a soy shallot vinegarette. I could have eaten several of these and the shrimp were a nice size and plenty of them to compliment the spinach. Our entree's continued down this same heaven path. Hubby got a New England Baked Seafood dish that was full of haddock, shrimp, scallops, bliss potatoes and vegetables with white wine, lemon and bread crumbs - he loved it. Mine was a winner - Sesame Seared Tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes, tempura carrots with a maple soy drizzled throughout. This tuna was so fresh and "huge" - we both commented how big a piece it was with that wonderful dark dark red middle with sesames seared on top and bottom. I get to enjoy it for lunch or breakfast today too - I was saving room for dessert. Again, both desserts were both presented nicely and delish. Hubby got the key lime torte - felt like I was in Key West again, fantastic flavors. Mine was a wonderful trip to New Orleans with a Cinnamon Bread Pudding in a nice rich bourbon sauce.

I can't wait to go back, sooo many wonderful things on this menu. Only one negative but only for my hubby. We sat at a table that had this gauze type curtain between us and the next table (somewhat close). It did nothing to me but he felt his space was being invaded. He finally loosened up a bit but only after the first table left. It made for a hilarious ride home as he proceeded to joke and exaggerate about that situation all the way home like "why don't they just introduce us to them, we're sitting with them and I feel rude NOT talking to them".

Turning 50 isn't so bad - a wonderful night out in Nashua.

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  1. Nice review Patti--happy birthday!

    1. I was at the surf with a very large group (about 20 people) and it was awesome.
      The service was great even with that many people.

      The only complaint I had was I had the Portuguese Fisherman's Stew which was great BUT it's served in an all metal pan that apparently had been in the oven. It was large and awkward and I burned myself at least twice. If I ordered that again I would ask them to put it on a plate or transfer it to a cool pan before giving it to me.

      The place was great!

      1. I think it is a great restaurant, but somewhat overpriced. The last time I ate there the tab was $140 for two people including wine and tip.

        It has been said before: How do restaurants in Nashua get away charging Boston prices?

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          1. re: ScubaSteve

            I've been to Surf and it's other half, Michael Anthony's and are both consistently high quality restaurants with nice atmosphere's and excellent service.I look at the quality of ingredients, preparation and the level of chef that makes it happen. I don't mind paying a premium if I'm going to eat something that is excellent and unique. (I can't tell you how many times I've paid the same or more for terrible food). I've always had great experiences there and will go back because I know what I'm in store for. Spoil yourself on occasion!

            1. re: treb

              OOPS.... I meant Michael Tinothy's, sorry brain stall!

          2. re: PutneySwope

            Hubby thought it was a little overpriced but not me. I don't mind paying the same price as Boston if it's the same excellent quality. I also look at it this way, service was phenominal and that's a pet peeve of mine - you pay extra for what I believe is an excellent training program. The service can make your night or ruin it. I don't know what the other staff is like but I can only believe that the Buckley's put that high on their priority list (I've been to Michael Timothy's too) - and I will gladly pay for that.

            1. re: PutneySwope

              Yes, I don't know how any of these restaurants get away with charging what they do. I too thought "Surf" was overpriced, though the food was should be if you pay that much. I thought the decor was awful...straight out of a corporate design team. Almost bad enough to make me not want to go back. (I was there at lunchtime so maybe it doesn't seem that tacky and soulless at night...) I have only been there once...

              1. re: observor

                I think the food at Surf is fantastic, and I don't mind paying the prices when it's worth it. I do, however, agree about the decor. I think people would feel better paying Boston prices if they were dining in Boston-like atmosphere restaurants.

                1. re: pastryprncess

                  It's still cheaper if you take into account all the gas you save.