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Jul 27, 2001 08:07 PM

Guelaguetza Celebration in L.A.

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Just a reminder of the Guelaguetza celebration
in Los Angeles. It will take place on Sunday August the 5th, 2001. Starting at 10:00am and runs all the way through
4pm. Location: Normandie Recreation Center - at the
corner of Venice Blvd and Normandie Blvd. - Downtown
Cover price: not sure last year they charged $5.00 dols.

This is a very nice celebration of the state of
Oaxaca, Mexico. They have dances from the seven regions, live music bands as well as typical foods.
This is part of real Mexican history that many people
unfortunately don't know about.

If you come make sure you bring your camera, plenty of sun tan lotion because it will be very hot!


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