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Jan 20, 2008 04:52 AM

Any great ice cream cakes?

Are there any really good ice cream cakes in the city? I'm trying to find something other than what the chains offer...

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  1. Hi there! Thought I'd renew this post since it didn't have any responses, and I'm ISO the same thing. If anyone has any pointers on anywhere other than Baskin Robbins, I'd be very greatful. Thank you!

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      We used to have a Hagen Daz store in the neighborhood... and I really liked their cake made with vanilla fudge icecream and lots of choc. frosting. However, the store was ripped down to make way for another condo... and I'm told Hagen Daz is discontinuing vanilla fudge!!

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        Chinatown Ice Cream Factory at 65 Bayard. Their ice cream is premium and 1% richer in butterfat than Hagen-Daz. More exotic flavors as well. Some ice cream cakes they have on hand, others require a 24 hour lead time.


      2. It's a chain, but the ice cream cakes at Ben & Jerry's are pretty good. We get them for office b-days.

        1. L'Arte Del definitely has gelato cakes! I have seen their cakes at the west village branch. Their website also mentions it.

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            You have just killed me with this link!!! OMG they look amazing!!

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              Wow... who cares about the demise of Hagan Daz??

            2. I got a very delicious ice cream cake from Cones at 272 Bleeker Street. You have to call them in advance to order one (they make them to order only).