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Jan 20, 2008 04:43 AM

THE EAST Great Barrington Ma

I would like to recommend the East in Great Barrington Ma., it is in my opinion the best Chinese restaurant in Berkshire Co., and one of the better casual dining spots in the county too.

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  1. You might want to try Koi on Route 123. It is owned by Richard Chen, who owns Panda House on the Lenox Pittsfield Road...the menu is different, however, and has some really interesting dishes one does not see elsewhere in the county

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      You may want to give correct directions when recommending a restaurant. That is route 23 off of 7. There is also a very nice hotel directly next door with good rates that was recently renovated. But Koi is not where it's at. Enjoy a nice dining experience with live jazz on fridays and saturdays at Castle St Cafe. Located next to the renowned Mahaiwe Theater on the south side of downtown.

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        I agree. Koi for Chinese (not exactly Chinese-Chinese, as in Chinatown, NY, but good, solid American-Chinese). It was delicious, clean, pleasant and reasonable. We went to East and it was a lovely space, but the food was sub-par.

      2. We went there once. It was very busy and it took 20 min for someone to come and take our drink order when I looked around and saw a lot of people with empty place settings looking impatient. We gathered our things and said "no Thank-you. I have since heard that his happens a lot

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          We had been fans of this restaurant but our last visit was very disappointing. We asked the waitress if the chef had changed and she said she did not know. That was not encouraging. I'd appreciate hearing from others so I'll know whether to give it another chance.

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            We were in town for a wedding, last weekend. We stayed out on Route 23, and were recommended to KOII, an Asian restaurant next door. It is slightly upscale, modern d├Ęcor, and innovative specials. Most of the menu is traditional Chinese-American, but the specials are where it's at. Shrimp and Lobster Soong, assembled at table, Seafood hot & sour soup, and Chicken in a Rustic Pot, a Taiwanese specialty, were excellent.

            Koii Chinese Restaurant
            302 State Rd, Great Barrington, MA 01230