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Jan 20, 2008 03:36 AM

Ristorante Giangela

Has anyone been to this place in Crosswicks, NJ? I think it used to be the Upper Crust Pub and before that the Hilltop Tavern. I guess the previous owners sold the liquor license as it appears to be a BYOB. It looks a little expensive for the area. But then again, the only other restaurant nearby is the Chesterfield Inn and there’s an awful lot of new housing going up all around this area.

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  1. $24 for Chicken Saltimbocca!!! You can get that at just about any Italian restaurant for no more than $17! Their prices are very high for a place out in the sticks.

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    1. re: mschow

      Why can't we get something OTHER than Italian in this area???
      Could someone please show some imagination...we are starving for creative American cuisine, not the same tired plates...

      1. re: BeeZee

        Plumsted Grill RT 539.Used to be the Outpost,new owner is from Bills Old Time Tavern at 5 points in Mercerville.Good food.

      2. re: mschow

        Boy are you right. I compared their menu prices with Amici Milano one of the few good restaurants left in the Chambersburg section of Trenton . Take veal parm, $17 at Amici’s, $24 at Giangela. I don’t think they’ll be open very long with those prices and no liquor license.

        1. re: TomDel

          I went to Villa Vittoria in Brick today for lunch. My mother had the Petto di Pollo Rollantini, which was 2 chicken breasts rolled and stuffed, and looked absolutely delicious. Large portion and the price was $17. And, this is a very nice restaurant, where you can be guaranteed a nice meal.

          But I do agree with BeeZee...there are waaaayyyy too many Italian restaurants out there. In my small town I think we have at least 7-8 Italian restaurants. Come about putting a little thought into it? I love Italian food, but enough is enough. A little more variety would be good for everyone.

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          1. Crosswicks is only 3 miles from Bordentown or 2.5 from Yardville. No way this restaurant can make it, no matter what the food tastes like. I often bicycle through Crosswicks. Getting there is no problem. Will I pay $12 for pasta with olive oil ($15 if I add tomatoes)? NO NO NO

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            1. re: carl555

              Or, you could try one of the Tilapia dishes. $25 for tilapia???? That piece of fish cost them no more than $2. I appreciate the fact that restaurants mark up food, but that is simply outragerous!

            2. I guess they fixed the problem. They took all the prices off of the website menu!

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              1. re: TomDel

                Tom, you missed something a few weeks ago. A poster came on here (Olimpia) when we discussed the pricing at the restaurant. This person responded to me that the price for lunch I mentioned at Villa Vittoria was also high for a chicken dish, and that $7 more for the chicken at Giangela was not much money. This, as the poster said he /she personally knew the chef and that he prepared everything fresh to order.
                I responded back to Olimpia with the comment that I noticed this was their first ever posting, and were they the owner of Giangela or the chef himself. I must have hit a nerve, because they removed their post an hour later!! Since they removed their post, I went and removed my post about them being the owner.
                At any rate, removing the pricing shows they do not stand behind their food. I would find it very unlikely that this is the freshest or best Italian in the area.
                There are numerous other solid Italian choices to choose from in NJ, so not for any of use to worry about!