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Jan 20, 2008 12:10 AM

Best Aged Cowboy Ribeye in Los Angeles.

So far the best aged cowboy ribeye I have found is Ruth's Chris. I am not a filet mignon or Waygu/Kobe person as this meat is too lean. I am looking for the fat that is marbled and that is why ribeye is the only cut that works for me.
I have been disappointed at:
Mastro's, Madeo, Craft Steakhouse, Lawry's, Katana, Campanile and even Peter Luger's (Brooklyn).
Is there any other place that I will not be disappointed? BTW, it doesn't need to be bone-in/cowboy ribeye, as long as it is ribeye it would work. Thanks.

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  1. Damn good ribeye (also my favorite steak) at Bandera (Houston's family) restaurant on the SW corner of Barrington and Wilshire Blvd. in WLA.

    1. The only places I can think of with dry-aged rib eyes in Los Angeles are Pacific Dining Car and Cut, however the best I've had in California are at LG's Prime in Palm Desert and the Hitching Post in Buellton (both have amazing cowboy bone-in cuts)

      Bandera, while good is not in this league

      1. Excuse me, but you have eaten steaks at SHRINES! If these places are not up to snuff, I wonder if you would be happy anywhere. I love Mastros. Madeo and have friends that do Peter Lugers on a regular basis. Wow, I am at a loss. I had a good steak at The Dal Rae 2 months ago, but I am sure it would not make you happy. Maybe cook your own, get some steaks from Lobels or Harvey Guss.

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        1. So far Ruth's Chris is the best here in LA. If you want to head up north to Nipomo in Santa Maria, you need to try Jocko's right on Tefft Road off the 101 Fwy..

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            Just a reminder, Folks, this is the Los Angeles area board, discussion of chow in Central California is discussed on the California board.

          2. I think one of the best ribeye steaks in all of Los Angeles can be found at the Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks

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              Should have had this. Didn't really like what I had the time we tried it. Too sweet on the BBQ sauce with the pulled pork dumplings for my taste buds and while the short ribs were okay I wasn't blown away.

              Hey, Hugh - did you ever take your daughter out for lobster? If so where did you end up?

              1. re: Servorg

                She wanted to go to Hop Li although I encouraged her to try sodmething new. Seventeen and a half can really be stubborn and she won out. The lobster that night was pretty special must not have been in the tank too long. Thanks for asking.