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Jan 19, 2008 10:59 PM

One Burger: Hungry Cat, 25 Degrees or Lucky Devil's?

I've been in LA for the weekend and I'd like to have one great burger for dinner before I go home on Monday. Tomorrow I'm visiting LACMA and judging by all the "Best Burger in LA?" threads I've been reading, Hungry Cat, 25 Degrees and Lucky Devil's seem to be the best bets in the area. Which of these would you choose? Has 25 Degrees gotten over its service and consistency issues? Are they all over 1/3 lb. (I definitely want to indulge)? I've been dreaming about a burger in LA for weeks and I don't want to go home disappointed.

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  1. Of the 3 places that you mention, I've only been to Lucky Devil's twice and had 2 different Kobe burgers and a Pecan Milkshake. Everything was really excellent!

    1. I have not been to 25 degrees, but I have been to the other two and loved their burgers. They are both quite different. Hungry Cat's burger is not the kind where you pick it up and eat it, I tend to cut it into pieces... it's a pretty/fancy burger and kind of on the smaller side from what I remember but very tasty. Lucky Devil's is a big burger, nice soft bun, Many different burgers to choose from. I've had the Kobe with bacon and blue cheese twice and both times were fantastic. If you want to indulge, I would say Lucky Devil's, of the two.

      1. I think everyone's gonna have a different opinion. Of the 3, based on my own experiences, I'd have to choose Hungry Cat. It's definitely not "small" but it is practically square shaped so it's almost as tall as it is wide. That does make it more of a knife and fork burger. But of the 3 places you mentioned, Hungry Cat uses the best, freshest, hand-packed meat. And it's got the best overall atmosphere and dining experience as well.

        My 2 burgers at Lucky Devil were very disappointing, especially last week when I got the Kobe Bacon Blue. The meat was completely unmemorable (over-packed and flavorless) and the bun was the opposite of a "nice soft bun." It was mealy, and on its way to stale.

        My only visit to 25 degrees was also unimpressive, though it was at an off hour and I've read on the board that that can make a difference. I'm ready to give 25-degrees another try, but until then can't really recommend it on my own.

        For me, the best burgers in town remain the steakhouse ones: Arnie Mortons, Taylors, etc. And a few that get less mentions: Bar Marmont, The Farm at the Grove, and The Dresden.

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          Just reporting back. I ended up at the Hungry Cat with a Pub Burger. The burger actually isn't "almost as tall as it is wide"- mine was almost TWICE as tall as it was wide! When I first got the platter I thought the burger was pretty small, but the small diameter was deceptive and by the time I was finished I was quite full. The meat was nice and crusty outside and medium rare inside. My only complaint was that the fries that came with the burger weren't very good. They were sort of limp and half-soggy like they were sitting around for a while.

          Thanks for everyone's help! I can't wait to come back and eat more burgers!

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            I had a very good burger, (Caprese Burger -- smoked mozzarella, field greens, topped with oven roasted tomatoes and fresh basil with balsamic glaze and roasted garlic mayo) at Truxton's in Westchester last night. I did it with turkey rather than beef and I ordered their sweet potato fries to go along.


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              Definitely give Lucky Devil's a try the next time you come back; my fave of the three joints. And save room for the insanely delicious pecan milkshake!


          2. Go to all three. Hungry Cat has a great burger but it only comes one way, with awesome bacon and intense blue cheese. After a while I got sick of it and 25 degrees is great because of the burger bar concept(multiple toppings) and they have a great, great bun. But I have found that they will overcook what can be the best burger in town. I have been to Lucky Devils a few times and I really like the Diablo burger, but at $17, its a rip off and not THAT much meat. But in the end of the dayt, they are all pretty good and I would be happy to eat at one of those places than say Pie N Burger or In n Out.

            1. You have Dont put TOO much expectations on these burgers. In the end, burgers are burgers, but Hungry Cat, 25 degrees, and Lucky Devil's all make fantastic ones. you cant go wrong either way. There will always be a few people who say that one of these places sucks, but I have eaten burgers in every city I visit, and these are definitely legit.

              25 degrees and Lucky Devils has a great build your own burger option, so if you are a true foodie and love creating your own menus, then go to these places.

              Lucky Devils and Hungry Cat both have awesome beers, with lucky devils having the best of the two (but hungry cat has better cocktails). Lucky devils also has great shakes. Even though its expensive, you have to get a craft brew or craft shake to go with that craft burger. Its a must!!

              Lucky Devils is right on the strip, so people watching is better at Lucky Devils, but the atmosphere is best at Hungry Cat.

              In the end, I like Lucky Devil's. The beer is awesome, the burgers are awesome, and people watching in HollyWIERD couldnt be more amusing. It might not have a better burger than Hungry Cat, but the people wathcing, beer/shakes, and customizability make up for it.

              25 degrees is also good and has a good atmoshpere.

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                Agree with the sentiment: all three make great burgers.

                The customizability might be a great asset, but also a great downfall. Can't blame the kitchen if your toppings don't go well together! With that in mind, if you're at all a picky eater, 25 and LD are the way to go. I personally prefer HC's burger, but 25 gets the nod for their onion rings and fries. Also HC's burger tends to be a bit unwieldly because of its size (you'll definitely be indulging); my technique is to cut it in half and then hold it like an enormous pita.

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                  lol sauce, somehow i figured you'd go with Hungry Cat haha.

                  i haven't actually had the burger there, because i usually wind up buried under oyster shells.

                  i can't quite really remember 25's burger as it was 4 in the morning...

                  so i'd go with lucky devil's kobe, customized how you like!