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Jan 19, 2008 10:09 PM

Banh Mi in Durham, NC?

Really been craving banh mi over the past couple weeks. Does such a sandwich exist in Durham? A previous post points to 9n9, but that seems to be more of a pho shop. Banh mi are not listed on the online menu. The two other Durham Vietnamese spots I know of, Banh's on 9th St. and the kind of creepy place on Guess Rd. next to Hog Heaven, do not have banh mi. I've asked. Multiple times.

Am willing to travel to CHill if necessary. Really want some terrine-y goodness.

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  1. 9N9 does have banh mi. They aren't on the regular menu either, but there are signs up near the register. I just had a couple of bbq pork ones a few days ago, and they were pretty good. $3 each or $2.50 each if you buy more than one.

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      Thanks. Will try to go today.

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        It annoys me to no end when a restaurant posts its hours incorrectly on its website. I don't need an updated menu, but give me the correct hours. And please put up some kind of voicemail message to let me know of your actual hours if I try to call.

        Needless to say 9N9 was closed today. Very annoying.

        Anywhere else in Durham or CHill?

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          i don't know if you are willing to travel to Raleigh, but Dalat has decent banh mi; no head cheese, but decent fillings none the less.


      For those of us who have no clue what you're looking for.

      1. So it appears that 9N9 really is the only banh mi spot.

        Anyway, I stopped back in today for lunch. Had a grilled pork banh mi and a bowl of combination pho. Pho was fine, but I think I like Lime and Basil better (it's been a while though). A worthy bowl if I'm in the area, but not necessarily something I'd travel for either.

        The banh mi itself isn't a particularly good rendition but it helped alleviate my craving. The lack of a terrine-based filling is a bit upsetting, but the pork with the mix vegetables was serviceable. Got a chicken to-go, so I'll eat that later today.

        My meal definitely wasn't bad, but I wasn't super impressed either.

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          Yeah, I'd have to agree with you there on all counts. When I first moved out here from the Bay Area of California, I quickly developed a pho and banh mi craving that unfortunately went unsatisfied at 9N9. I think it was that meal that made me more "homesick" than anything else when I first moved out here. Haven't yet been back, since I'm in the Bay Area frequently enough on business to satisfy my craving.

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          1. If you don't mind driving 45 minutes, there's some truly authentic, excellent Banh Mi to be had in Greensboro, which has a huge Vietnamese community. In particular, the "Pahk Sandwich Shop" in the tiny run down shopping center on the corner of Florida and Freeman Mill Road (right of I40) makes near-perfect Banh Mi, and the options include Vietnamese Pate (terrine), grilled pork, ham, chicken, etc. And it's only $2.50! Get it to go with Pate and Grilled Pork, with a side of papaya salad and the freshly made Vietnamese Iced Coffee- the whole thing is under $5.

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              that sounds authentic, bookmarked, thanks renaissancegrrl

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                I went to the Pahk Sandwhich Shop for some banh mi this past Friday and it was awesome. The papaya salad was extremely spicy and delicious. The cost of banh mi is now $3.50 and a big papaya salad is $5.00. They also have various bubble teas and iced coffes, but not much else. In fact, banh mi and papaya salad are the only lunch items they serve at this place.

                The shopping center that this shop resides in is pretty run down, but don't let that scare you off. The owners are extremely friendly and the food is excellent.