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Jul 27, 2001 01:15 PM

Good food, terrible service at Shamshiri

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I dined at Shamshiri in Westwood last night and had astonishingly bad service. The waiter was brusque, brought the wrong item and didn't apologize, and stood in the back of the restaurant talking to another waiter while we were trying to get his attention for the bill. I had been reccommended to the place by a friend who praised it highly, and I can't believe it's always this bad. My dining companion though it might have been because we were not Persian and were a bit underdressed (nice casual, while most of the Iranians in the restaurant were wearing jackets and ties).
Anybody else have experience with this place? Was our experience an anomaly? Any reccommendations for a really good Persian place with a wide vegetarian selection?

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  1. As for vegetarian selections, I can't help you (unless you mean fish). BUt I love Shahrzad restaurant (not cafe) in the 1400 block of Westwood Blvd. They have an open Persian tandur oven and the bread off the inside of this oven is AMAZING. Nothing better, traditionally with butter and onion (ask for the onion, or shallots).
    I love the Estamboli polo, all the polos are good, with barberry etc. You can probably get the rice without the meat kebabs.
    They have a great eggplant dish with kashk, a whey-
    cheese. the shirazi salad is good. The sauce in the Fesenjan is great, so a vegetarian might be able to get some and mix it with plain rice.
    Persian desserts, you know floral flavoured ice cream, faloodieh, etc. The service is lovely and they're open late saturday night. I'm not Persian and they're always great to me (and i'm not really a regular, either).

    BTW if you like Persian food, try Afghan Cuisine on Ventura near Newcastle in tarzana/Encino. Most Iranians I know hold Afghani food in high esteem. I gather that having an Afghani cook was a big deal in Tehran. My review of it on chowhounds is at the link below.


    1. I've eaten there dozens of times, lunch and dinner, and never had that experience. My favorites, the squab is amazing, and I love the sour cherry rice with chicken (oh yeah, and the fesenjon-- however it's spelled).