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Jan 19, 2008 09:47 PM

SEA: Danube Czech/Central European Restaurant, Bellevue

Danube Restaurant (Czech/Slovakian)
11000 NE 10th St
Ste B
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 452-8722

I'm also cross posting this review to Yelp.

My better half/ball-and-chain and I are both of Polish ancestry. While Polish cuisine is very different regarding seasonings than czech, many of the basic ingredients and even recipe concepts are very similar (potato pancakes, sausages with garlic, stews, sauerkrauts, etc). So we felt true kinship with this cuisine as a variant of our own.


We had the lovely owner, Lubos, choose a complete meal for us. He did a great job.

The halusky, was perfectly salted and had crispy, smoked bacon, and was just perfect soul-food. I could see myself eating this as a satisfying last meal, as it touched upon a lot of notes of my childhood eating hearty Polish food.

I'll write a more in depth review update later. For now, I highly recommend this restaurant and suggest you patronize it right now...Seattle is very, very, sadly lacking in central european restaurants (WHY!!???). I'd hate to see this one close up for lack of publicity.

Go, you'll love it. If you love hearty, sometimes intensely garlicky food, this will hit a home run with you! The service is some of, if not the best, we've had in Seattle."

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  1. Ligament, have you been to the 'PB Kitchen' at the Polish Home Association on Capital Hill?

    Thanks for the tip on Danube Restaurant. In this weather I'm all about some vepro-knedlo-zelo.

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    1. re: terrier

      Yes, we have, and we rather liked it. I posted a review on Yelp. It is pretty solid polish peasant food. The pork hock was a lot of fun and tasty. The steak tartar was very tasty and very well prepared; some people online voiced their reservations about ordering such a dish at dom polski; but I'll tell you it was very fresh and the kitchen was very clean.

    2. I've been hearing really good things about Danube and can't wait to try it - glad to find it on here...will try and remember to give an update shortly. Perfect weather for this type of hearty comfort food...mmmmm!