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Jul 27, 2001 02:56 AM

Food = Love?

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Any suggestions on how to meet a mate in L.A. who shares a passion for the edible?

My femme friends are outstanding, but all consider salads to be filling, and taco bell to be good eating (which it can be, given the moment). The type who bring chips and Pace Picante to a potluck. No!

Would love to meet the type who can meet at a farmer's market, spend a Sunday looking for a spice, or chase the afternoon sun while learning to cook some dish, while socking down cocktails.

They need not be fanatics... personally I only cook a few times a week at home and rarely eat out at pricy places. Yet I also enjoy the exploration and learning process.

I do believe that cooks make the best lovers. Cooks, like any other artists, are always striving to improve their talent. Plus they are attuned to all senses.

I've seen gourmet clubs and such - but how about the woman who just wants to enjoy a fellow culinary explorer?

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  1. There are singles groups for foodie types, I can't recommend any because I don't know them specifically.

    Clearly, you are a very creative writer, how about a personal ad?

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      A male gourmand no longer on the prowl, I've noticed that the settings for chow-mour catalysis can include the following: farmers markets (it's best to be a regular, to have an armful of flowers, to know cavalo nero from agretti), bars adjacent to fine restaurants and outlets for fine cookware (Sur la Table, Surfas--but not Williams-Sonoma, whose female clients tend to be matronly, unless you're looking for that, of course). But is not romance more readily entered into with one who has become a familiar face? This means cooking classes, wine tasting classes (there are some relatively inexpensive options at The Wine House, in West Los Angeles, Cotner just south of Olympic) and foodist colonies.

      1. re: Samo

        What is a foodist a colony? And how do I get one to accept me as one of their own?


    2. I took a cooking class (New School in Culver City) chock full o culinary lasses of every age, color and type. Sit next to an appealing lady - you'll get paired off into teams, and even if it's purely plutonic you'll have met one more neat person who might know someone... And there was *one* guy there, by the way. At the time I cursed myself for not knowing more single men...perhaps I can atone for that now by passing the tip along?

      1. Are there a number of single chowhounds out there who would like to get together on occassion for dinner? My first suggestion would be meet once a month at the San Gabriel Ranch 99 and attempt to eat at every Chinese restaurant on Valley Boulevard. We might even let attached chowhounds come along.