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Jul 27, 2001 02:45 AM

peruvian chicken rest ecommendations?

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like the dc/nyc placs that make you swear off any other type chicken-those in the know, know the taste i'm describing....

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  1. Try El Pollo Inka for great Peruvian roast chicken. El Pollo Inka has locations mainly in the South Bay area of LA but they have a location in West LA.

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      I agree regarding that the chicken at El Pollo Inka is good, but it is better at some locations than at others. The original location on Hawthorne Boulevard in Lawndale uses a wood-fire rotisserie, but Hermosa Beach and some of the other locations use a gas fire. The owner said that the AQMD didn't allow a wood fire in Hermosa, but the original location was grandfathered in. Not surprisingly, the chicken is better in Lawndale.

      1. re: Richard Foss

        Polla Brassa on eight or vine north of m'rose .

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      lonesome hobo

      OK everyone, Peruvian style chicken is all well and good but you know as well as I do that the only chicken in this town worth the line, the horrible rolls that are cardboardish, and the parking mess, etc., is served at all of the Versailles Cuban joints: the garlic roast chicken with black beans and rice (Christians and Moors) and plaintains.

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        Uh, excuse me, but the chicken at Versailles is just that: Cuban -- NOT Peruvian.
        You can stick to El Pollo Inka but there is also El Rocoto at 1356 W. Artesia Boulevard in Gardenia. Pretty fabulous seafood dishes, too. I love their Camaron con Tausi (shrimp with black bean sauce) and Pescado en Creme de Choros (mussels in a creamy white sauce on fried red snapper).

      2. Inka Grill, located originally in Orange County has been getting good reviews, Elmer Dills for value, O.C. register for quality. I've eaten there a couple of times, and enjoyed the different flavors presented, mainly the combination of cilantro and garlic predominates. They have six locations, closest to L.A is Long Beach at 7563 Carson Blvd. number 562-627-0087. Since I don't know much about Peruvian food, I can't tell if it's truly authentic. I haven't had a bad lunch meal, mostly takeout, and thought everything was very fresh. Under chicken I see Chicken W/curry, chicken in a spicy garlic-chili cilantro, and then chicken cooked with rice in a fresh cilantro sauce and mixed vegetables. The menu is quite large including a variety of fishes, calamari, beef and vegetarian.

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          Just a note about Inka Grill - I love the food, it is great, and used to go with friends all the time. But then we stopped because three or four times in a row, one of the party got sick afterwards. If you go, stay away from the seafood or anything that looks like it might be stewed or in a curry sauce. The sauteed dishes should be fine and the saltado de pollo is my personal favorite.

        2. The last poster must have had chicken in his mouth. I think maybe he meant Pollos A La Brasa at Eighth and Western? At any rate, hard to beat pollos a la, which I've trumpeted many times before on this board.

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          1. re: Cube

            Why I love this board . Travel north of Melrose,(on Vine),try not to spit up the aji as you hit the speed bump . Enjoy the drive and try the Thai place just south of there . P.S. cube Pollo alla/a la brassa is still alive and kicking . Look forward to seeing you there .J