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Jan 19, 2008 07:18 PM

Best pan for roasting vegetables?


I've been roasting vegetables on a non-stick cookie sheet and have ruined it by using the high heat.

What should I be using?
A sheet pan or a deep roasting pan?

Thanks for your help,

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  1. I use a roasting pan because make it easier to toss the vegetables every so often so that they cook evenly. On occasion, I've put a Silpat or teflon sheet in the pan to ease cleanup, but usually I don't bother.

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      If I want to spread them out, I use a half sheet (commercial quality 18x13" aluminum baking sheet with 1" rim) (see cookware threads). I don't worry about sticking.

      But for dinner today I used a 10" aluminum dutch oven. I started small potatoes and carrot chunks with just a bit of oil. Once the carrots started to caramelize I added onions chunks, then bell pepper, and finally zucchini. Once everything was added it was more of a dry vegetable stew than individually roasted vegetables. I was roughly followinga recipe for Catalonian Escalivada.


    2. Roasting pans are good, but I usually use a Pyrex or Polish stoneware pan: they seem to clean up easier, and also, my roasting pan is just huge, far bigger than the amount of vegetables I'm usually cooking. Half sheet pans will do as well, but if you're roasting something you want to stir for even browning (onions, for example), they can be a nuisance.

      1. I use a restaurant style half sheet pan. Those vegies need a lot of space to brown properly.

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          Yes, I have been reading about half-sheet pans. They hold up to 400 degrees?

          Which brands would you recommend?

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            I go to a restaurant supply store- sorry, don't know the brands. You don't have to spend a fortune, maybe $20? My pans have never warped in my home oven and I use high heat often (over 400').

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              I got my half sheet pan from williams sonoma. Its very heavy and has held up well.

          2. I agree with the restaurant sheet pan, especially one of heavy gauge, which is what I use and line it with aluminum foil for the easiest cleanup. The pan will take 400° temps and hot even sweat about it. :)

            1. Another option is a large cast iron skillet. I use a 10" for searing meat on the stove top, and finishing in the oven; or alternatively, preheat in the oven, and let the meat sear there as well. It would handle vegetables just as well, though to give more space, consider a 12" one.