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Jan 19, 2008 07:04 PM

dim sum in Greensboro, NC?

Is there any possibility of dim sum in Greensboro, NC at all? I am in the area every so often and the only other place I have ever gotten dim sum from was in Charlotte. So I was wondering if there was anywhere that served in dim sum at all in Greensboro. please help...

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  1. I know of no worthy chinese, dim sum or otherwise in gso/triad area. viet or thai we got chinese we don't got

    1. I too am looking for a place that serves Dim Sum in the Triad. I *do* know of very worthy Chinese in Winston- Sampan Restaurant on Peter's Creek Parkway. You have to ask for the authentic menu with pictures, but everything I've had from that has been fresh, flavorful, and delicious (especially the authentic aromatic and herbal casserole dishes, the stuffed eggplant and tofu; the Shan Bei and Dong Gui chicken). I keep asking them to do Dim Sum, but the Chinese community in the Triad just isn't big enough for it to be worth the cost, I think.

      So W-S has great chinese, but still no Vietnamese. Why, why, why? I'm tired of driving 40 min. to Greensboro for Pho and Banh Mi.

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        Actually you can get a banh mi fix in winston. It is weekends only but they are good. The same guy who runs Pakse on freeman mill in greensboro has a concession stand at the flea market at germanton and patterson. Many times they only have the deli meat banh mi which I don't like but they occasionally have the the holy grail - roast pork. all the sandwiches have the normal toppings, pate, soy, peppers, mayo pickled carrot and daikon and are made to order. they also have iced coffee and bubble tea. Prices are the same as in gso about 3 to 3.50 per sandwich. I think if they get more traffic they will carry the roast pork more often

      2. there used to be an actual (sit down) chinese restaurant in Quaker village shopping center (across from Guilford College) which had weekend dim sum. only got to do dim sum there once, and it was pretty good for such an underwhelming place...but it was always quiet in there. not sure if they're still there...

        also...and i KNOW this sounds insane, but there was some massive imperial sized chinese buffet up on wendover, right near the Landmark ctr intersection, which actually had a pretty fair dim sum row among all the other stuff...well crafted and steamed buns and dumplings...definately more than edible, i'd say palatable..

        1. Alas, there's no dim sum in the Triad area (yet). I'm still holding out hope there will be soon. In the meantime, if you can make it up to Durham, try Hong Kong on Guess Road: left at the bottom of the ramp coming off northbound 85, across the street from an odds and ends store named (no lie) "Granny's Panties". It's a standalone restaurant that looks like a house from the outside. Parking is VERY limited on weekends. They serve dim sum from 11:00 - 2:30 every day of the week off the menu, and you get it off the carts on Saturdays and Sundays. Having been born and raised in Malaysia, I'm naturally spoiled when it comes to dim sum, but in my personal opinion, Hong Kong is a very good dim sum restaurant. Their noodle dishes are great as well. I rate this place much higher than Neo China in Cary (and it's a heck of a lot easier to get to as well).