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Jan 19, 2008 06:48 PM

Thai restaurants near King of Prussia?

I'm looking for a really good Thai restaurant in the area. Doesn't have to be IN King of Prussia...within 15 miles or so.



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  1. thai pepper in wayne's your best bet... try the spicy noodle! :)
    other than that, not a whole lot in the area! phila doesn't seem to excel in the thai area (one of the -very- few things i miss about DC)

    1. Thai Orchid and Pho Thai Nam are both pretty good, we eat at both fairly ofen. It is hard to find "great" Thai in the area, but you will get a good meal at each of these places. Pho Thai Nam has both Thai and Vietnamese food on their menu. The are both in the Blue Bell/Plymouth Meeting area which is not too far from KOP.

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        Thai Spice in Limerick is very good. I pesonally think it's better than Thai Orchid.

      2. I actually live down the road from Thai Spice. LOVE IT THERE! This is going to be for my sister's 30th birthday. A bunch of girls are taking her out. We were hoping to maybe do a little dancing afterwards at Kildare's or something like that. So, having said that, which of the Thai places mentioned has the best ambiance for a girls night out?

        Thanks for your help!


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          I just went to Thai Spice in Limerick this past Saturday for lunch. Wife and I were the only people in the place...which was fine. Food was great! Had the spicey basil noodles and loved it. Wife had Pad Thai and also raved about it.

          Told the owner about and informed her about the good reviews. We are going back this Thursday.

        2. It has been awhile since I've been there, but Lemon Grass may be worth checking out.

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            Hi. I won't go to Lemon Grass after reading these reviews....


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              The entrees I've had at Lemon Grass (a roasted duck dish, and chicken/japanese egglant) were way too greasy and lacking in any discernible flavor other than sesame oil or fish sauce. Definitely try Flavor by Thai Pepper on Rte. 30 in Wayne. They have great lunch time specials.

          2. There is a "quirky" thai place in Devon, Mayuree Cafe. The food is excellent and the prices are also great. It is a BYO to boot. The only negative is the owner is the lone server, so things are slow. If you plan on a night of drinking and talking, you will love it, but if you are in a rush or expect things to happen fast with keen attention to your table, don't go there. Again, the food was excellent the two times I went.

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            1. re: phungi

              I like quirky. Where exactly is it? And what (besides the owner being the only server) makes it so quirky?

              1. re: FoolForFood

                Chabba Thai in Manayunk is the best Thai restaurant in the area IMHO (and recently voted best Thai in Philadlephia by Philly Mag, FWTW). I also like White Elephant in Huntingdon Valley. Both are BYOB.

                1. re: Schpsychman

                  Thanks for the suggestions, Schpyschman, but I would not call Manayunk nor Huntingdon Valley "near" King of Prussia.

                2. re: FoolForFood

                  It is located on Lancaster Avenue in Devon, next to the bowling alley:

                  You can read reviews here:

                  I use the term "quirky" solely due to the owner's personality. You can wait a few minutes just to be seated, even when there are empty tables, because he is running around. However, I think the food is excellent.