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Jan 19, 2008 06:14 PM

Thai sour curry (gaeng som) - too sour/spicy

I really like the canned version of this from Maesri -- so convenient -- but find it just both a bit too spicy and too sour. I've tried simply adding more water, but it doesn't quite work, and nor has using slightly sweet veggies (carrots, corn) Any tips for toning down an extreme sour-&-spicy flavor of the Thai variety?

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  1. You should add a bit of sugar to tone down the sour. When we make it from scratch we add palm sugar. I'm not sure if you're adding sugar at all when you cook, or if the canned version is sweet at all. If no to both, try adding some palm sugar (add a 1/2 tea at a time - we usually add a pretty large chunk). If you don't have palm sugar, you can use white or brown sugar.

    There's not much you can do about the spice however. Unless of course you want to make it from scratch.

    Here's our recipe if you feel like it:
    That recipe will make it probably as spicy (or more) as the canned, so you should lower the amount of chilis. And add the tamarind juice slowly to taste.

    You could try adding daikon radish too. Thais usually put Chinese turnip in which is similar to daikon radish. If you can find that it's even better.

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      Thank you so much for these suggestions & for passing along the recipe. I'm usually wary of adding sugar, but will try this time as it sounds helpful -- as should the cooling, mildening effects of Chinese turnip or daikon radish (which I'll definitely pick up from my local Asian market).