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Jul 27, 2001 12:20 AM

Lax to Palm desert

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Driving down from LAX to Palm Desert next week. Any suggestions for dinner on the way?

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  1. As is mentioned in a zillion threads, the Asian food scene in the San Gabriel Valley off the 10 freeway is hopping, scroll on down. If you want to drive further before you make your stop, look for the town of Loma Linda at the San Bernadino border. Exit Waterman North to Hospitality Lane where there are lots of chain restaurants like Claim Jumper, Black Angus and the like. In Palm Desert, be sure to have a breakfast at Elmer's Pancake House.

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      Correction. Elmer's is in Indio on Hwy 111, south of Palm Desert.

    2. Stop at Joe Greensleeves in Redlands (220 N. Orange Street, about three blocks from the 10 Freeway). They grill over peachwood and other fruitwoods and are very good at roasts, steaks, and seafood. It's a nice place, too. Make reservations, the place is popular - 909-792-6969.

      If you do decide to stop at Hospitality Lane, the Indian restaurant is the best of the bunch. The Pig's Ear next door does decent pub food, though.