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Good Asian Grocery near West Hartford?

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I've found the lovely Indian/Pakistani groceries on Farmington Ave. (and now can make Ghormeh Sabzi b/c I found dried lemons and fenugreek [woot!]), but wasn't able to find any of the Asian curry pastes in the stores. I'm making panang curry tonight, and substituted korma curry on the advice of a Pakistani friend who is a pretty good cook.

So, question is, where are the good Asian markets? I know I've seen one by the post office in the Elmwood section, but is it any good?

All suggestions welcomed and appreciated.



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  1. There are a few good ones - Cosmos International on Farmington Ave. just west of Prospect for Indian,, A Dong in the Sheild Street Plaza off New Britain Ave, for Chinese and Hiep Phat on Park Rd (actually just over ther border in Hartford).