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Jan 19, 2008 05:52 PM

Peking Duck?

I had Peking duck at Chau Chow last night and was disappointed. While the duck itself was crispy and flavoursome, I was disappointed when they brought the "pancakes" out. I am not sure what the custom here is, but I am used to really thin, moist pancakes which are steamed. Instead, I got the fluffy bread (reminiscent of char siu bao) which detracted from the overall taste of the duck, sauce and spring onion.

Additionally, there was only a single course. I have found that when I have had Peking duck in the past, that the second course would either be the duck meat with fried handmade noodles, or sang choy bao. No such luck this time!!

Can anyone recommend somewhere else in Chinatown that would have more authentic Peking duck?

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      Second. It's the traditional multi-course meal, and it's very good.

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        Third King Fung Garden. Make sure to call a day ahead for the duck. You get three courses. The first is the crispy skin with the pancakes, the second a stir fry and the third a soup. I find that the first course always pleases while some nights the stir fry can be somewhat bland and other nights it's great.

        King Fung Garden
        74 Kneeland St, Boston, MA 02111

        1. re: lissy

          I guess I will be making a visit to King Fung Garden (wrapped in warm clothes!) very soon. Can't wait, thanks for the meal suggestions!

      2. Fourth. See if you can save some room for the soup, the last course. It's scrumptious!

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          Also make sure you (a) dress warm (King Fung can get cold in the winter) and (b) bring at least 3 - 4 people so you can also order their handmade Peking Ravioli, Shanghai Chow Mein, and the best Scallion Pie in town.


        2. the problem with king fung garden is that the restaurant temp usually gets close to the temp outside. i had dinner there december 2006 and froze my butt off. if you do go there, be sure to call 24 hours in advance to order the duck.

          otherwise, i'll go to chef chang's in brookline. you have to ask specially for the soup, and they don't do the stir fry to my knowledge. they do a high volume of duck that's quality, and the pancakes are steamed.

            1. Depends on what you mean by authentic Peking Duck - the duck I had in Beijing was served with what you have described, which translates as "container bread" and is a type of mantou, or the bread that surrounds char siu bao.
              If you really want the thin wraps, they serve an excellent duck with those wraps at Chef Chang's House on Beacon St ( They will also serve the bones in a soup (unless you request to take home the bones and make a nice rice porridge) and the rest of the meat in a stirfry with veggies.

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              1. re: meuri

                I have also had Peking duck in Beijing - yet have never had it with this type of "container bread" - but obviously I haven't had it enough! I can only judge from places such as Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong. Thanks for letting me know though!

                1. re: meuri

                  I had the Peking Duck at Chef Chang's on New Year's Eve and was somewhat dissapointed. We got the thin wraps, but the duck came out in plain slices with the not-all-that-crispy skin attached. No stir fry or soup. It was ok but not what we were expecting. Perhaps they were too busy on that night to do it properly, but if so they should have warned us (in general the service was really scattered).