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Jan 19, 2008 05:27 PM

infusion question and containers

Hi, i'm planning to put up a batch of pineapple vodka and limoncello tomorrow and wondering the downside to using plastic containers. I just realized I have a huge plastic container that would be really good, but thinking it might affect the taste and that I should probably stick to glass...anyone have any experience with this? thanks

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  1. Stick to glass. Alcohol can pick up tastes and leach chemicals from plastic unless it it plastic approved for alcohol use. I use canning jars or old liquor bottles that I save just for infusing. Sometimes you can get 'sun tea' gallon jars cheap. They work pretty good.

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      thanks, that's what I was thinking. One more thing, I have a large glass jar that I want to use, but it's lost it's cover - do you think saran wrap and a rubber band would work? This one i'm using in the fridge to infuse some wine/fruit/vodka beverage...

      1. re: geminigirl

        Yes, double or triple thick works good. I'm using the plastic wrap and rubber band over the top of six gallon carboys that are full of infusing fruit in neutral spirits at my distillery. Since the plastic isn't in contact with the spirits it is fine, or so I was told when I asked a food and beverage scientist. And I'm working with much higher proof spirits that are much more soluble than vodka.