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Jan 19, 2008 05:19 PM

Help me tweak a recipe please...

Seeing you folks were so informative with my braising dilemma I figured I'd come back for more help

I have a Onion Marmalade here that I'd like to tweak - My goal is an accent side to roasted Berkshire chops...Pomegranate Shallot Marmalade - I'm doing a pomegranate sauce but just a drizzle for I don't want to overpower these fine chops - To keep the redness of the juice instead of the black balsamic I was thinking of using white balsamic - How much juice should I use...half vinegar and half pomegranate juice - I also wanted it a little more savory than sweet so I was going to use less honey - Am I on the right track? Any help would be great

Onion Marmalade

1/8C Oil
1C(Lrg) Red Onions(I'm going to use Shallots)
MedHigh heat for 5 mins

1/8C Honey(Half the honey for more savory or none because of the juice?)
Add stirring often +10mins

1/4C Balsamic(Would White Balsamic be OK?)
1dash Cinnamon
Add stirring often +3-4mins

Salt to taste

THANKS FOLKS...Tweak away!!!

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  1. Might the honey 'get in the way' with its unique flavor? Plain sugar instead? Brown sugar (always a good pairing with cinnamon)?

    Drop the cinnamon and be sure to use REALLY GOOD balsamic?

    1. Use pomegranite molasses instead of honey, and a mild vinegar- champagne, or cider perhaps? I say skip the cinnamon, or substitute the merest touch of allspice.

      1. On occasion I've made an onion confit from LaVarenne Practique. That one uses pearl onions, wine vinegar (the recipe dates from before the popularity of balsamic), sugar, and tomato paste.

        A quick web search for 'onion confit' turned this promising one, with comments about keeping a balance of salt, sweet and spice. There are other variations around.

        I haven't cooked with Pomegranate juice so can't help with proportions there. I have pomegranate molasses which is tart enough to be a direct substitute for vinegar. I tend to cook things like this by taste. Off the top of my head, I'd saute a cup of onion in a tablespoon of butter till soft (with a generous pinch of salt), add a tsp of sugar, a tsp of pomegranate molasses, and then start tasting and tweaking (including more salt). If available some tomato paste (up to a tablespoon) would add some body (and red color) to the sauce without shifting the sweet/sour balance. A white vinegar (balsamic or other) would be a good idea if you want the brighter pomegranate red.


        1. Thanks to the folks who helped me with some ideas - I took something from all and winged came out perfect

          Thanks again!!!