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Jan 19, 2008 04:36 PM

New Thai Restaurant in Burlington

Hi everyone,

I posted a reply about Thai Coconut restaurant in a previous thread, but thought I would give a full review now since I was just there last night.
Apparently, Thai City Restaurant (located on Fairview Street, in Fairview plaza) has been sold and is now operating under a new name and new management (Thai Coconut Restaurant).

I was at Thai Coconut Restaurant last night, and it was absolutely packed. While I had to wait a little longer for my food, it was worth it. I ordered a Pad Thai, and thankfully the sauce did not seem like it was merely made of ketchup (something I find too often in many pad Thais) - it was very flavourful, and since I requested a spicy one, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it matched what I was in the mood for. Service was understandably a little slower - the waitress was running around trying to do everything, but nevertheless she was friendly and polite. After I devoured my pad Thai, I ordered banana fritters as well as mango ice-cream. The fritters were heavenly - crispy, deep-fried balls of banana drizzled in honey. It just melted in my mouth. The mango ice-cream was a nice dessert that cooled my tastebuds off!

The decor was tasteful and not too overdone, with authentic Thai decorations adorning the walls, and there were also partitions that afforded customers a little privacy. Although the restaurant is not very big, it is nevertheless quite cozy and romantic.

When I was there, the place was definitely buzzing, and there was a queue of people waiting to be seated.

Thai Coconut is now my favourite Thai restaurant. Just the food alone is enough to keep me coming back.

Just thinking about the pad Thai I had at Jack Astor's the other day was terrible. Although it was a large portion, the sauce was bland, flavourless and seemed very ketchupy. Even the "hot sauce" that was provided was disappointing, as it was merely sour and not even a tad spicy. I'm glad now that there's a restaurant in the Burlington area that can sate my appetite for good pad Thais!

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with voracious. Having sampled all of the Thai restaurants in the Burlington area only to be bitterly disappointed, I read this review and decided to give Thai Coconut a try. It is now my favourite Thai place in Burlington.

    Last night we sampled 3 dishes:

    General Thai Chicken - a different version of the usual General Tsao Chicken fare in a Chinese restaurant. Small pieces of crispy chicken with chopped peppers and onions in a delectable sauce. Unlike Tsao, this sauce was not a glorified, spicy sweet & sour sauce. Kind of hard to describe but had great flavour. Sort of like S&S but more vinegary, spicy with an oyster sauce base I think. Will definitely order this one again.

    Shrimp with Cashews - about 10 good size shrimp with tails on served with a lemon sauce, orange segments, cashews and usual veggies. Shrimp were properly cooked and the sauce flavourful.

    BBQ Beef - the flavour of the beef and the tamarind sauce was excellent. The only disappointment was the size of the dish... maybe 3 ounces of thinly sliced beef served on a bed of lettuce for $10.95. Great flavour but not worth the price.

    We did not ask for rice (I'm on a low carb diet) but were continually offered it. Our server seemed puzzled that we were not interested and laughed when I finally told her about the diet (in a good way).

    As said above. I have visited every Burlington Thai restaurant and this is the only one that I would go back to again. Although a bit on the expensive side and smallish portions, the flavour of the dishes was quite enjoyable.