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Jul 25, 2001 08:49 PM

Redondo Beach pier recs?

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I'm supposed to meet some old friends at the Redondo Beach pier next week for dinner. I've never been there, so I don't know what to expect (other than Joe's Crab Shack, which is advertised in every Southwest magazine). What would you recommend (or not)?

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  1. might i suggest avoiding the entire pier?

    i was there 3 weeks ago - it is a wasteland. nevermind the hawkers and the fisherman. not a decent choice of grub anywhere, just the same-old-chain-crap.

    drive to manhattan beach, torrance, gardena, etc...

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    1. re: Frankie G.

      I went there a few years ago and was actually SCARED. I recommend El Torito.

      1. re: huh?

        I live down here -- I walk to the pier every weekend. Yeah, there are places I wouldn't EAT but it there is no reason to be scared. Puleez!

        You didn't mention how much you were willing to spend. Obviously if money is no object, Kincaide's is the place. Exceptional artichoke crab appetizer. All the entrees are pricey but pretty good. I like the duck and venison (when it is offered).

        You are right about the Crab Shack -- it way too loud and overpriced for what is offered. Same with Chillers.

        The Portofino Inn is very nice (also pricey) and Ruby's is a fun place for decent diner food.

        Personally, as far as the actual pier is concerned, the reason I go down there is to get freshly shucked oysters. Every weekend, a dozen raw oysters WAY cheap. Its fun, too.

        1. re: RedondoScab

          I'm no expert in this area, but I have been to Ragin Cajun (422 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach, 310-376-7878) in Hermosa Beach, just a short drive from Redondo. They have good gumbo. My husband had the blackened steak and said it's one of the best steaks he's ever had, and he's very picky about his beef.

          1. re: Can

            I heartily second this rec, but parking is next to impossible here, especially in summer. Either come early, or try the lot next to the library and police station, and walk.

      2. re: Frankie G.

        I totally disagree! Go to the pier. There are a few places you may enjoy. First - you can't go wrong with Kincaid's - I have always enjoyed my experience there. If you want to look at the small places (like the Korean place mentioned above) look at the people. The best place (I don't remember their name) seems to be always busy - the others are often empty. Have Fun

      3. I'd take the short walk to the cheescake factory.

        1. We have driven down and eaten at Kincaid's Bay House 5 or 6 times. Fish cooked properly, we always get the crab dip appetizer, the drinks are very good and the service is friendly and efficient. The only thing we have tried that we would not get again was the prime rib, however that was a combo with shrimp and I find that you typically get a much better result when you order it as a stand alone dish. They have always honored our reservations on time. My only gripe is that during the summer they don't validate parking. Cost should be about $35 to $45 per person, depending on if you drink or not. If you order wine by the bottle that cost may be low. I recommend it. If you take the first entrance to the parking lot from Torrance Blvd. that takes you up to the top deck, then drive through and park above, one short set of steps down to the restaurant.

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          1. re: Mike Kilgore

            I second this one, although my dinner companion enjoyed the prime rib. If you ask for a window table when you make your reservation, they will do their best to honor it. They also have a nice patio, if you'd rather eat outdoors.

          2. Alas, I have to agree about the lack of good food right on the pier- Kincaid's is the only one that could survive in a different location that didn't have the stream of tourists. I have heard that the Korean seafood place next to Old Tony's is good if you like Korean food, but I haven't been there yet. I don't have high hopes, as the Korean places on the pier that I have visited have been pretty bad.

            Pooch's (the restaurant next to the Portofino Hotel, but not owned by the hotel) has very good Italian food and a nice marina view. They changed chef about a year ago but the food has remained reliably good. I had breakfast there last week and found it to be quite decent.

            Splash at the Crowne Plaza has changed menu again and is now Italian/Mediterranean. I haven't been there lately but had a good meal on my most recent visit. The manager there is Catello Vanacore, and he really knows his wines.

            I have heard that a class-act Vietnamese restaurant is going in where Sitar by the Sea used to be... I'll have to check that one when it opens.

            1. I see no one has mentioned the Blue Moon Saloon.
              The seafood restaurant across the parking lot from Chillers

              Does anyone have any comments on this restaurant?

              I went to the Blue Moon 3 months ago for the first time in 10 years.
              The son or some other kin to the original owner now runs the restaurant. He has a new chef and a new wait staff.
              The change is noticeable. I feel the quality of the food has slipped a little and the professionalism of the staff is not as seasoned as the former staff.