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Jan 19, 2008 04:14 PM

Any Salvadoran Groceries?

I've been teaching myself to make pupusas all week (nice winter hibernation project). Very, very happy with my results (my first exposure was to El Continental and then the women in Red Hook, so I have two great benchmarks, and two close Salvadoran friends to serve as taste-testers). But I'd like to take that next, completist step and go for it with all traditional ingredients if I can.

Specifically, I'm looking to find fresh loroco (which may be a trick but not an impossible task in New York City, since there are Salvadoran restaurants that serve pupusas with traditional queso y loroco filling, so it's being imported here). Also looking to find traditional Salvadoran quesillo, or queso con loroco and pineapple vinegar. I'm told there's also a Salvadoran cheese called duro blanco as well.

Anyplace that is within the five boroughs or Long Island and can be reached by a reasonable journey would be appreciated.

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  1. Wow. No one has a source in the City for Salvadoran food products?

    1. There is a company in Long Island and one in Maryland that make(package) Central American style cheese, cream, horchata, beans, etc.. I can't remember the name of either company at the moment, but many grocery stores in predominantly Latino neighborhoods carry them.

      If you are based out of Brooklyn try checking some of the larger markets on 5th avenue in Sunset Park. Another option would be to ask the folks at El Continental where they buy their loroco. There is also a small Guatemalan market on Bath Avenue btw 18th/bay parkway that carries some Central American products.

      If you still can’t find it I would suggest trying Union City and West New York in New Jersey.

      1. I'm disappointed you have gotten any answers. I've been trying to find Salvadoran Creme and can't find it anywhere (just Mexican creme). There are supposedly Salvadoran grocers in Hempstead, but that's a bit of a hike. Plus I haven't found actual store names online yet. Let me know if you have found anything. I know of at least 2 stores in Baltimore. I would think Manhattan would have at least one.

        p.s. I'm also looking for a good Italian grocer and Korean grocer. The closer to Chelsea the better

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          You do realize that 32nd St. east of Broadway is Koreatown...? :)

        2. You might look at one of the Compare groceries in Brooklyn - there is one on 8th Ave at 42nd st, across from Ba Xuyen, and also I think one on 4th Ave at 49th. there is even one in Crown Hts on St. Marks Ave, but havent visited it.

          The Compare chain caters specifically to hispanic clienteles (stock varies by store depending on who lives around there) I was in a grocery on the west side of 4th just N of the Saturday Farmers Market at 59-60th St (which caters to a largely hispanic clientele) and the grocery store had at least some packaged pupusas and a range of cheeses - I cant speak to nationality since that was not what I was looking for that day.

          Ive not seen pineapple vinegar in NY but I have seen recipes, and seem to recall making it one time from the rinds from a recipe in one of my mexican cookbooks. Its hard to find artisanal, as opposed to industrial, latin american products.

          ps this was an interesting (old) article about loroco
          I havent seen the product fresh in local stores or at the vendors who sell hispanic herbs at my local framers markets. Need to keep an eye out for the picled product

          1. Rincón Salvadoreño Restaurant in Jamaica have a grocery store attached to it and sells all the Salvadorian groceries. They only have frozen loroco and not fresh.

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              Do you happen to know offhand if they carry Rio Grande Horchata de Morro mix? I'd try to call them but I suspect they don't speak English and I don't speak Spanish. I'd hate to make a trip all the way out there por nada. :(=)