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Jan 19, 2008 03:39 PM

looking for lunch for a group near Kensington

Looking for a spot that can accommodate 12 to 15 people for a farewell lunch. Thinking of tapas if possible because of the vegetarian options and the ease of dividing up the bill at the end of the meal.

I looked up Torito but it is only open for dinner, not lunch.

Prefer a spot that is inexpensive as some of the group are students on a restricted budget.


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  1. the rice bar..acrosst the street. Its got lots of veggie options, a cool vibe, and the food is healthy, not to mention its inexpensive.

    1. Torito and Rice bar are going to havee a tough time accomodating 15 people (maybe if you call well in advance). They are both pretty small.

      I would say head to E-pan on Spadina, cheap, full choices, lots of tofu options. They have nice big chinese style communal tables so everyone can share. Very friendly service as well.

      1. Free Times Cafe on College just west of Spadina, north side. Kinda hippie-dippie but very student friendly.

        1. Back Alley Woodfire Grill on great easily accomodate that's owners Frank and Irene used to own Young Luck on Spadina around 5 years ago...good variety of grilled meats,chicken beef and fish...also some Chinese yummies...dumplings,green onion well as soup and salad....Miranda

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            Never eat at Woodfire Grill. I ordered a grilled sandwich and it was put directly on the rack. Toppings dripped to the bottom of the oven several times and the 'sandwich maker' placed the toppings back in the thing each time. Gross. If you are going to operate an open kitchen don't mess around.