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Curry Hot Pot

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I'm not usually a fan of curry, but yesterday I had lunch at Curry House on La Cienaga (Restaurant Row). The menu layout was different from the last time I had been there (months and months ago), but to my great surprise, Curry House now offers a stone pot curry. Ever had dol sot bi bim bap at a Korean restaurant? It's just like that, but you get your choice of eel, chicken, steak, and I forget what else that sits on a bed of rice cooking in the stone pot with some veggies and an egg. When it arrives at the table, the server mixes it all together for you, drizzling curry sauce on top until everything is mixed well. Then you just eat... and eat... I had the broiled eel, and mmmm... I may be a more frequent visitor now that I've found something to salivate for at Curry House!

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  1. That sounds like my idea of food. If I can get my wife and son to go we are trying it tonight. Thanks.

    1. That does sound new. I wonder if the other Curry Houses (like Torrance and Irvine) have also added it to their menus? That's my idea of comfort food!