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Jan 19, 2008 03:27 PM

Spirited Gourmet Belmont

New wine and kinda nice wine and cheese place in Belmont. Just opened in November.

Pretty impressive selection of cheeses, some very cool and unusual wines. Decent prices. I think their mother ship is in Winchester.

The Spirited Gourmet
448 Common Street
Belmont, MA
Phone: 617-489-WINE

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  1. They're also a source for gourmet food gifts that's closer than Formaggio Kitchen if you live in MetroWest-- jams, jellies, mixes, that sort of thing.
    And they have Tate's cookies, my favorite.

    1. Yes, they are an offshoot of the Winchester store. The Belmont store carries some higher-end and more unusual wines than the Winchester store. They also have free wine tastings every Saturday.

      1. Finally, we can buy booze in Belmont. We've been pleasantly surprised by the depth of the wines and beers on offer. That said the cheeses on offer were pretty underwhelming during our last visit, hope they get a true devotee behind the counter.
        Go for the generous pours during wine tastings. Nice people.

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          I was there last week and bought a 1/4 pound of tallegio. It was horrible. Will not buy cheese from them again.