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Jan 19, 2008 03:19 PM

mcd's chicken snack wraps

I normally get the $1 hot & spicy chicken, but 1 day I decided to try $1.50 chicken snack wraps, the "grilled" option was pretty tasty, but the "fried" option tasted like rubber. your thoughts.... THX.

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  1. Crispy honey mustard wrap is my food of choice after I've been drinking. When I'm cold sober, it just doesn't taste as good. Haven't tried the grilled yet.

    1. The Chipotle grilled snack wrap was heavy on the sauce, which seemed more regular BBQ sauce-flavored than chipotle flavored. The wrap was okay but pretty messy - the wrap unwrapped pretty easily and lettuce kept spilling out. The whole thing tasted like something I could get at Taco Bell, minus the BBQ sauce - nothing special.