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Jan 19, 2008 03:04 PM

Looking for Soup to fit with Barbeque

I'm having trouble coming up with a soup for our family barbeque. we always smoke some pork loins and slow cook ribs. i usually make a chili but i would like to do something different this time something that would somewhat fit with our meats maybe like a southwest kinda soup. I don't care for beans so would prefer non-bean soup.

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  1. how about tortilla soup?

    1. Chicken tortilla soup sounds like it might work. Very flexible dish and not too heavy. If you let people do their own condiment add-ins like avocado, radishes, etc they may also enjoy them just to munch along with the lovely porky stuff.

          1. re: roxhills

            I've smoked corn lightly before using it in a corn chowder. Worked really well

          2. I like the idea of the corn chowder. Ina has a great recipe. A loaded baked potato soup would also be good.

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            1. re: foodie06

              I'm going to third the corn chowder recommendation.