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thai food in conejo valley?

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has anyone tried thai brasserie? i think it just opened up on TO blvd.

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  1. Hi, scotton999!
    Where? Can you give me any landmarks nearby?
    Is it in Thousand Oaks toward the Mall, or is on T.O. Boulevard closer to Westlake Village or even Agoura?

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    1. re: liu

      Here's a link to some Thai places I wrote about in T.O.


      1. re: liu

        hi. toward agoura...just past lindero golf course.

        1. re: scotton999

          Is it in a recessed mini-mall...same side as 7-11 or across?

          1. re: liu

            across. it's where silver star liquor is. i just got their menu on my door. i've heard it's not as good as pookie's, but they deliver, so that improves their standing in my eyes tremendously.

            1. re: sunnygordy

              sunnygordy -- Would you please post if you try them, and I will do the same.