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West Broward Restaurants

Does anybody have suggestions for some restaurants in the Western part of Broward county (Plantation, Sunrise, Coral Springs, etc...) for great local restaurants that don't cost an arm and a leg? Thanks for you help!

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  1. A couple of good stand-bys in Coral Springs are Sazio's (outpost of the original one in Delray Beach) for interesting salads, basic Italian food and pizza (their seafood pizza is great); all with a good price point. Mambo Jambo for a wide range menu of Latin food, lots of good fish/seafood choices, large portions, reasonable prices (although fair warning...if you go on the weekend go early or eat inside as they have live, very loud music which makes conversation impossible if you're dining outside). Blue Moon Fish Co. has fabulous fresh fish, huge portion appetizers, reasonable prices. They are the less expensive western outpost of the one on the Intracoastal. Sadly, they no longer serve brunch in the Coral Springs branch. www.bluemoonfishco.com

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      No more sunday brunch there?! :O :(

      We like The Whale in Parkland - it's on 441, north of HIllsboro. Great raw bar with a very good menu.

      We stopped by the new Bru's on 441 and Hillsboro (SE corner). It's a huge sports bar and very nice inside. They have an outdoor bar, inside bar, and a family dining area.

    2. I went to Flavors of Italy last night on University. Very nice but not cheap.

      1. Gold Coast Seafood Grill in Coral Springs, and I think Plantation too? has great food and very reasonable prices. In Coral Springs, it's located in The Walk, and Kilwins is right next door...yum...

        I also like Flavors of Italy on University just south of Sample, and as someone else mentioned, Mambo Jambo is very good. For greek food, Mythos in Coral Springs is very good. (further north in The Walk) and Big Bear Brewing Company as well is nice, and more casual.

        1. Local favorite "Rustic Inn" is right around griffin road and 95. It is an amazing crab house with some good steaks and local caught fish. Definitely worth checking out.

          1. I've been a West Broward resident for the past several years...and a chowfiend for even longer....and my top picks for Coral Springs would be Sakura Sushi (some of the best and freshest sushi I've had anywhere) and Art's BBQ, both on University Drive.

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              I have to second the Sakura vote! Not only great sushi, but reasonable too...best lunch deal anywhere.

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                My husband would whole-heartily second your vote on Art's. He manages to grab a meal there at least once a week!

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                  that is like the third time this month someone has mentioned how good arts is..a caterer told me this place has great food ! even he eats there !

              2. For very tasty Jamaican food - Countrywalk Caribbean Take-out Restaurant. Located in Sunrise, 64th Ave and University.

                1. I like India House on University. The food is pretty good and the servers are very friendly and helpful. The decor leaves something to be desired. The prices are reasonable, especially the lunch buffet.

                  For lunch, I also enjoy PitaPit. By no means upscale, the pita-fixings are always fresh and delicious. It's also on University just south of Commercial on the east side.

                  1. Best Pita- Sunrise Pita, off University, North of Sunset Strip. Amazing lunch food, you can't beat it.

                    Big Bear in Coral Springs - Beer is top notch, the best homebrew in SoFla. They make stellar IPAs. The food is up and down, however. Their pizzas and burgers are worthwhile.

                    Sushi - Ninja in Coral Springs is awesome. They do Thai as well. They blow Sakura away.

                    Gabose Korean on University in Lauderhill - Extensive menu, awesome staff. Probably the best Korean food in Broward, but New Seoul in Lake Worth is better if you can make the trip.

                    Cheap lunches out west - it's hard to beat La Granja. Peruvian-style chicken, rice, beans, soups, saltado, ceviche. Ultra cheap, very fresh (they do high volume).

                    West Broward has better ethnic places than any other neighborhood in Broward. So many good joints that serve Indian, Japanese, Korean, Caribbean, and even American regional like Cajun. I prefer WB to Fort Lauderdale, to be honest.

                    1. One of our favorite in Plantation on the corner of Sunrise & Pine Island in Jacaranda Square is Thai-Thai - Always receives rave reviews, and the city best awards. Amazing sushi - try their hot and sour soup - the best! Everything is really fresh and very good. We eat there at least 2-3 times a month.

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                        definitely a great spot, I love their sushi and their thai is good too.

                      2. Kavanagh & Morrissey's in Plantation at S Pine Island Rd and Peters Rd is good and has inexpensive lunch specials and reasonably priced dinners. Great Happy Hour Mon to Fri. Lots of locals and fun atomosphere.

                        1. Roly Poly on University do good wraps and stuff for lunch

                          1. sushi takara over in inverarry 44th and university is very good

                            1. Couple of thoughts:

                              Wasabi on Pines and Dykes (now made famous by the Idol finalist) is real good. The best sushi in Broward IMO.

                              Rustic Inn is very good, but not really West Broward.

                              La Brochette in Cooper City is very good. Great fish choices. The best fish in WB for me.