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Jan 19, 2008 02:40 PM

zha jiang noodles in MTN. VIEW

Hi board. I performed a search and found a place that sounded interesting in Sunnyvale only to see the last post by M. Wong stating that the place had closed... :-(

For the record, I have not enjoyed anything at Yulong off Castro.

I read all the links and it seem like Zha Jiang Noodles are a "comfort food." That sounds great. I have only enjoyed the pork version. Wikedpedia had a photo with thick white noodles. I have always had it with the thicker (egg?) noodles.

Thanks for recommendations - anwhere from Palo Alto down to Santa Clara is fine.


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  1. Though slightly out of your range, Four Seasons on de anza just north of 85 in SJ is reputed to have hand-pulled ones (I can't vouch for them) There's Korean places in Santa Clara with the Korean version (jajangmyeon), which has a thicker/sweeter sauce and Korean sensibilities (comes with pickles, etc.), such as Zazang on El Camino (east of Lawrence); also a comfort food, but quite a different dish, actually.

    1. Anyone had the version at Queen House in MV lately?