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Jul 25, 2001 03:17 PM

Meilong Village

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After lurking for several months and getting several excellent recommendations (Thanks!) from this board I want to make my own contribution.

I finally made it to Mei Long Village (301 W Valley Blvd, #112) in San Gabriel last night for some Shanghai cuisine. Yesterday afternoon I read a couple of reviews of the soup dumplings that were making my mouth water so I drove right down there after work.

Unfortunately since I was by myself I didn't get to taste as many things as I would have liked but what I had was very good. The shrimp and pork soup dumplings were indeed amazing. Lots of juice and perfect flavor. Mmmm, the memory is making my mouth water now! I also had some "greens and beancurd soup", which was a clear broth with chopped firm collard-like greens (chi-tai?) and strips of pork and soft tofu). I liked this soup alot - I had four bowls!

I had a great waiter, named Steven, who is from Shanghai but spoke excellent English. This is such a rarity in San Gabriel that I took full advantage and he was happy to write out the name of the Chinese vegetable in the soup and recommend other dishes on the menu as being particulary good and representative of Shanghai.

Here's his list...
Salted Pork and Bamboo Shoot Casserole
Three Cup Chicken
Pork Pump [Rump] in Brown Sauce
Braised Beancurd Sheet Stuffed with Pork
Shanghai Spareribs
Braised Fish Tail
Sauteed Finless Eel with Leeks
Sauteed Shrimp
Jelly Fish with Green Onion
Preserved Vegetables with Beancurd Sheet and Peas
Chinese Squash with Crab
Broad Bean with Green Onion
Pork Chop with Green Onion Noodle Soup
Shanghai Steamed Dumpling
Crab and Pork Steamed Dumpling
Steamed Vegetable Dumpling
Pot Sticker
Pan Fried Dumpling

Happy chowhounding!

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  1. Hi Lisa: I'm glad you decided to come in from the shadows. As you work your way through the choices at Mei Long, I hope you'll keep us informed. The jelly fish with green onion sounds especially good to me. Pat

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      The waiter actually pointed out that the jelly fish was particularly good. He said that it was made from the "head" so it is nice and crispy. I'm assuming he meant the non-tentacle/body since jelly fish really don't have much of a head per se. Oh well, by far not the worst translation inacurracy I've encountered eating in San Gabriel. :)


      1. re: Lisa T

        Actually, there's two kinds of jellyfish at Mei Long. One is made from the head; one is made from the tentacles. My wife and I decided about a year ago that the tentacle one was better, although I forgot the reason. I echo the posters on the pork pump: the meat falls right off the bone, and is just great! Also the steamed vegetable dumplings are very good. The xiao long baozi (little juicy buns) are very good; just like in Shanghai.

        1. re: rob

          Planning a Meilong visit - gotta have those amazing dumplings. Also trying the soup, which sounds SO good (thanks for that review, Lisa, it planted the seeds a nice drive out there in my brain!). Question tho for anyone: what does jellyfish taste like? What's the consistency?

    2. s
      Stephanie Pao

      Most excellent! :) Call me next time
      you go. Actually, you can buy
      your own soup dumplings from a woman
      in Monterey Park who makes them at home
      and freezes them. Just pop them into
      your pot, boil and add dark vinegar,
      soy sauce, green onions, cilantro into
      your bowl and spoon some of the water
      you boiled the dumplings into your bowl
      with the dumplings. Its a winter dish
      though... way too hot in Pasadena right

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        Leslie Brenner

        Great post, Lisa. Thanks! I'm about to move to L.A. from New York, and I think I'll put this restaurant high on my must-try list. And Steven's recc's will be a great help.

        1. I'll vouch for the pork rump in brown sauce and steamed vegetable dumplings. The pork is cooked to the point of the meat falling right off the bone and practically melting in your mouth. One other dish that was always a fave with my fam that I didn't see on the list was a cod or seabass filet cooked in a somewhat sweet but mostly spicy red sauce, then placed on a bed of fresh, hand-made noodles cooked to chewy perfection. You mix the fish and sauce with the noodles, divvy it up in rice bowls, then slurp it all up to your heart's content. It was a delightful dish, and one I hope is still on the menu, as I haven't been to Mei Long Village in awhile.

          1. This is an old fave of Martin (my s.o.) I'm from Louisiana and moved to California years ago. Martin(native) introduced this to me. They are so polite and helpful there. For years this has been the only place he gets vegetarian dumplings. I have actually seen him eat two whole orders in one sitting!

            I have a variety of things but have never tried that soup and can't wait to go back to do so. He is so into those dumplings that I rarely get a chance to see what else is good. Thanks for the list.

            Another place he likes in that same area is Yama on Main St. in Alhambra. I love their Miso soup. It's the best I've ever had. Their tempura is also the lightest and crispest I've ever had the pleasure to encounter. Upstairscafe.