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Jan 19, 2008 01:26 PM

Fresh fish in LA area?

We're looking for a place with fresh fish - simple preparation, casual, etc.. No fancy seafood joints, just the real thing- pulled out of the ocean, cleaned up and ready to grill. (Something similar to "Blue Fish" in San Diego, if anyone is familiar with it.) Do fresh fish places exist in LA??

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  1. Are you talking about Blue Water Grill? If so, I would say the closest is Ocean Avenue Seafood in Santa Monica -- that, or King's Fish House, which has a number of locations around the LA area (mostly in the South Bay and Orange County).

    If it's a more casual place you are looking for, there's Malibu Seafood and the Reel Inn, both off PCH in Malibu.

    Reel Inn
    18661 Pacific Coast Hwy
    Malibu, CA 90265
    Phone: (310) 456-8221

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      they don't exist in LA. there are places with benches outside but any discernment in your palate and these will be complete disappointments.

    2. I second Malibu seafood—also, consider the fish market at the Redondo pier. They'll cook your selections on the spot if you like.

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        Speaking of the Redondo pier, I have heard of a place near there that cooks king crab on the spot. Portions are supposed to be huge. I don't know the name or the address of the place, though. Maybe this is at the fish market as well.

      2. I believe there is a place on the San Pedro Ports of Call that offers this. I recall having crab there.

        I think it's called San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant, or something of that ilk.

        1. what about captain kidd's in redondo beach?

          1. Walt's Wharf in Seal Beach