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Jan 19, 2008 01:23 PM

Bob the Chef replacement

Now that Bob the Chef / Bob's Southern Bistro has closed, where should one go for good soul food?

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  1. you could try magnolia's in inman square for good southern cooking

    1. coast cafe on river st in cambridge. take-out, or camp out on their two stools.

      1. I've seen good things about Poppa B's here- haven't tried it myself yet, but a search will turn up reviews:

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          I had takeout from Poppa B's. BBQ pork ribs, fried chicken with collard greens and sweet potatoes. Much better than Bob the Chefs. the robs have an excellent smoky flavor and are barbequed not baked in sauce. The fried chicken (dark meat) was flavorful with juice running down your chin after breaking the crackling crisp skin. Best soul food that i've had in the northeast.

        2. Two Dorchester places that I think highly of: Poppa's B. (in Mattapan) and Mrs. Jones (in Lower Mills). Great fried chicken at both, among other things.