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Jan 19, 2008 01:13 PM

Corvallis, OR Food Scene

Can anyone tell me about food in Corvallis? My husband and I are considering a move there. I'd love to hear about restaurants and bakeries. But I'm also curious if there is a quality grocery store and farmer's market.

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  1. I grew up in Corvallis, and the food scene has come a long way. Regarding grocery stores and farmer's markets, Corvallis has a fantastic farmer's market. It's along the river on 1st St, and it can be so crowded on summer days that you can barely move through the crowd. it's great! For grocery stores, there's First Alternative, the co-op. There are two locations, South of the river on 3rd, and up near campus on 29th. Good selection of local/organic/natural.

    There are some good restaurants. Off the top of my head, Evergreen is some of the best Indian I've ever had. American Dream for pizza. Le Bistro is great french. Big River for NW/bistro, Iovino's for Italian.

    Bakeries: I get bread from the co-op, Alpine Bakery makes fantastic sourdough, Big River also sells bread to stores, and there are some others.

    It's a great town. Decent (and improving) food scene.

    1. We've lived in Corvallis for 42 years. We also love the farmers market but also check out New Morning Bakery nearby on Second Street. We love to go there for coffee & a Sticky Bun. It's also a reasonable place for a good quick dinner. Try produce & natural meats at local Richey's Market. We hope our only local grocer can survive these hard times.

      1. Hi- we just moved here from CA but my sister swears by Block 15. I am excited to try it out and will give a review once we do!

        American Dream pizza is delish!

        1. If you actually have moved to Corvallis by now you may already know about this place.

          When I did a search of this board, astonishingly "Le Patissier" did not show up. My partner and I went there two years ago (visiting from New York) and were amazed at the quality of everything. He just returned from another visit (unfortunately I was unable to escape work this time) and brought back an almond cream croissant and several "macarons" (raspberry, chocolate and pistachio flavors). They were just as good as they were two years ago.

          This place is like a dream. It's not expensive and everything really is the best you've ever had. It opened my eyes to how good pastry can be.

          I wish we had this somewhere in New York. Sadly, if it does exist here, it's probably ridiculously expensive.

          Go. You won't be disappointed.