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Jul 25, 2001 02:36 PM

good seafood in san fernando or san gabriel valley

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i'm looking for a good seafood restaurant in the san gabriel or san fernando valley. i'm looking for good fresh fish/shell fish. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks..

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  1. In San Fernando Valley, I had good ahi tuna at Joe Joe's. (Added a link to my earlier post).

    Whatever you do, DON'T go to Delmonico's. Even though it says something like "Fresh seafood grill" on its's not, and not worth the money either.

    In the SG Valley, there are literally hundreds of Chinese restaurants that specialize in fresh seafood. Tanks with live fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, etc. I'd suggest searching through some of the threads below for a place that sounds interesting to you. The Asian supermarkets also sell fresh seafood and shellfish of mostly high quality.

    I can't help pinpoint good non-Asian seafood places in SGV, maybe someone else can?


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      lonesome hobo

      Even Delmonico's must have figured out that they were bad news because driving bye there the other day I see that they've changed their name (and I assume management) to (ironically enough) Delmonico's Lobster House. If anyone is brave enough to try it out be sure and post a review of your experience.

      If you like Mexican style sea food which is quite good and reasonably priced give Viva La Vida Mariscos a try. It's at 8219 DeSoto in Canoga Park

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        In Alhambra, there's a Chinese restaurant called NYC Jumbo (203 West Valley Boulevard, Alhambra, 626-289-4828) and they serve fresh seafood. My favorite dish is a crab dish called "bei foong tong hai," which, unfortunately, I don't know the English translation to. It's crab lightly battered and deep fried, mixed in with garlic, minced peppers, preserved shredded pork (tastes a lot better than it sounds, kind of like pork jerky), onions. After finishing the crab, all the minced stuff is great over rice.

      2. You can try THE SEASHELL .....although we haven't
        been there in a year or so....when we've been
        there it's always been good. It's seafood served
        with a French accent....
        19723 Ventura Blvd.
        Woodland Hills
        818 884 6500
        We second the evaluation of Delmonico's by

        1. One Chinese SGV restaurant I've liked is MVP. Fresh boiled shrimp from the tanks for an appetizer, then whole crab in spicy salt, or squid, also nice shrimp fried rice. Admittedly, after the whole grading system frenzy I've become leary of the SGV Asian scene, but it tasted good before that.

          1. If a Chinese version is desired, try Kung Pao Bistro in Sherman Oaks or Studio City. Their scallop and shrimp dishes, especially with their hot garlic sauce, with maybe some string beans or eggplant added is truly a wonderful meal in itself. They spend heavily for the finest quality available.