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Craving fig gelato

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I was just reading a book by an Italian author - the characters had a lovely dinner followed by fig gelato and now I want some!! Where in TO?

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  1. Hmmmm, that does sound good.....I wonder if I'll Gelatarie on Mt. Pleasant has it? I'm also curious about the book menomineegal....what's the name??? Not only do I love food, I love reading about food :)

    1. I remember having fig gelato at Solferino (last year, but am not sure if that's part of their "regular" line-up) and Il Gelatierie. Oh, and I enjoyed both. :)

      1. La Paloma (St. Clair at Lansdowne, plus other stores in Woodbridge and Vaughan Mills) has fig gelato in season; it's one of their specialties and definitely worth checking out.