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Jan 19, 2008 12:20 PM

Need rec. for CSA in Durham/Hillsborough area

After reading Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma," I am committed to eating more locally and sustainably grown produce. For this reason I'll be joining a CSA this coming growing season. But which one? I've been researching on line and see that there are a lot of options but I have no way of distinguishing one CSA from the other. Anyone out there with any experience in this area? Any recommendations? My only requirement is that I be able to pick up the produce in Durham or Hillsborough--Chapel Hill's a bit too long a trek for a weekly pickup.


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  1. Would you be so kind as to explain what CSA stands for and how it works? Thanks!

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      CSA: Community Supported Agriculture. Wherein a customer pays a set price for produce to a producer at the beginning of the season and receives a weekly "share" throughout the growing season. Essentially gives the farmer cash up front to pay for labor, seeds, etc and the consumer direct access to fresh, local foods.

      As to the first question, I had Brinkley Farms ( this year and loved it. What swayed me is that they let you choose from a list each week so you have some control over what you get (also, if, hypothetically, you really love their spring peas, you can get a ton a peas one week).

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        Thanks for the info! Does anyone know of something like this in Winston-Salem?

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          try a search under the csa tab showed several farms in the area though primarily north of forsyth county or greensboro eastward

    2. Just curious - are there any CSA's that deliver?

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        Timberwood Organics delivers all over the Triangle. I'm sure there are others who also deliver.

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          Darnit, looks like Timberwood is full for 2008. Wow, last year we signed up with them in March and it wasn't yet full. Good for them, but I guess I'm going to be looking for another one!

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            Thanks stato! I did sign up for their June waiting list...

            1. re: Suzy Q

              Hey y'all, I talked to the lady from Timberwood yesterday. They still have space for 2008 provided you join the RTI CSA. It appears that they have two CSAs. One is theirs alone through their website. The other is a part of the collective in RTI. If you go to the RTI website:
              and click on the Timberwood name, not the website, you'll see the lowdown on the RTI CSA.

              Also, through that group, I spoke with someone from Castlemaine Farms also. Looks like they are organic without paying for the certification. I spoke with Joann and she was really cool. I think I'm going with them.

              1. re: eightlegeddj

                I signed up with Castlemaine this year. Cheaper, but a shorter season. Looking forward to it!

      2. You should check out goodness grows in NC. All NC local food. They have annual meeting to showing off NC products.

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        1. re: micajack

          Thanks to everyone for their input so far. I will check out Brinkley Farm and the other CSAs listed here.

          Following up micajack's resply, Goodness Grows in NC info can be found at

          Again, thanks.

        2. I haven't seen our CSA, Maple Spring Gardens. Ken and his wife Libby are awesome, sell at carrboro and durham farmers' markets. We've gone through them two years in a row and love their stuff. I don't know whether they still have spots for this year. I don't think the call for new folks has gone out yet. We reupped and brought a friend along.

          1. This is the results of my similar inquiry a while back. Thanks - your post reminds me I need to get going on it soon!